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  • I too haven't had a new listing in about that same time. I work for PAS soley. I hope you get those 100 properties!!! That would be great:)
    Have you heard anything about when these will all be released? What the heck is going on??? Gov't buying 'em all back, or what?
  • Thank you Steve for the insight and taking the time to write back.....I have a close friend who is the HR for the Loan Division but I am not sure if it would be out of line to ask for her help. We've been friends for over 20 years. I'm thinking........but not sure.
  • Steve,

    What is the email address you sent it from? I did a name search on your name and nothing comes up.


  • Steve,

    Which email did you send it to? I'm in the office, but didn't see anything come through. You can always get ahold of Ruth Hayden at - she is always at the center of our command post.


  • Can you help me in anyway gie me insight as to how you squeezed into Bank of America. I have been trying for over 3 years now and nothing.
  • I don't have a jpeg but, if you do a link, that should be good enough.
  • me
  • Thanks again for the help. It's what this forum is all about and it's gratifying to see it work so well.
    Chris ;)
  • Howard Partlow told me via email. He is touching base with all those who have registered, have you done that yet? If not, that might be why you didn't get notified.
  • our event section i updated
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