We are considering moving from our privately owned real estate company to a national firm.  I've been unable to find any information on this topic.  

Does anyone know what will happen with our currently REO listings and properties that we have been assigned?  Most importantly we are concerned about Bank of America.  We have a vauge recollection that there may be a 60 day hold on new assignments.   

Can anyone tell me about their experiences with changing firms and how that has affected the REO listings or how that process went?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • If the qualifying broker remains the same it would probably make things much easier.

  • You might want to refresh on your state license laws. In my state, all listings are with the broker and belong solely to the broker. You may take your listing ONLY if your broker allows you to.

    • We are the owners of the private company so taking listings with us wouldn't be a problem.  Do you know if there are any repercussions on the Bank of America (insert bank name here) side?  I haven't been able to find a phone number or contact them to ask this question and they don't address it on their agent site.

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