You lost your job.  You are a Veteran. You cannot make your mortgage payments. You called your lender and their steely “debt collector” tone and threatening letter would scare anyone.

If you experienced loss of income on the Emerald Coast of Florida due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Veteran’s Administration has issued clarifications about how your VA…

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It is no secret; many people believe a housing collapse is on its way and the REO niche will once again step out into the spotlight. Like moths to a flame, would be REO Professionals are asking, “How do I get my foot in the door?” Dollar dazed and confused, they chase the dream of making fast cash in an industry believed to be a side hustle for stay at home moms and college students. I will admit, for some, good looks, bright smiles,…

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If I know anything at all about human nature, it’s that we will always do what’s in our best interest over the common good. We will almost always act independently according to our own self interest even if that means putting others at risk. This is most true when it comes to money.

Since the CARES Act was signed into law, a tsunami of homeowners has rushed their mortgage banks asking to take advantage of the forbearance entitlement provided by the legislation. I’ve seen some early…

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New to BPO's

Hi Everyone,I am new to BPO's and just starting the process of filling out applications. I've had one company request for me to do an SPIF, which I had to ask what that was and found out it was just an exterior property inspection where you take several photos and fill out a quick form. When filling out the applications I am running across several different types of inspections. Is there anywhere I can find the different terminology so know what I am talking about without having to ask each…

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Hello and Here we go again. 

Hello and Here we go again. In 2007 I had a feeling things were about to change and everyone said .. nahhh things will be fine it is just a short term thing.. good thing I was hard-headed and leaned in a hustled hard to make the shift. Now after a semi-retirement, I am heading back into real estate - why because the market that is coming is built for an agent/broker like me. What I need is a short path to the asset managers in working in Georgia. I am well funded and able to pull a team…

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Using LinkedIn To Grow Your REO Business

Hello,One of the ways I work with my clients is to maxiimize their use of Linkedin to attract REO Business. Using my 7000 connections to increase their performance is one approach.  Simply put If a client posts I hit the share button and it shows up in my feed.  A post that is actually written by a client about a subject relaing to REO gets about 100 views.  Those who just post  a news article get about 50 views.  Around 10% of views are from Asset  Managment Decision Makers.  I give my clients…

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Waste removal in NJ, this pertains to all REO trash outs.

Waste removal in NJ, this pertains to all REO trash outs. For all the REO agents that have to clean out vacant properties I need you to read and understand this, unless your trash out guy has an A-901 license he isn’t allowed to haul the contents of the property away in his trailer or pick up truck. The NJDEP has been cracking down on these guys that are not probably licensed, in addition they are imposing heavy fines on the realtors and property preservation companies. There are two types of…

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