On April 25, 2022 Dan Margolies with KCUR 89.3 (NPR) said a federal lawsuit in Kansas City is challenging the real estate practice of having home sellers pay commissions to both brokers in a real estate transaction. Plaintiffs are alleging real estate brokers have conspired to force/require home sellers to pay buyer's agents, in violation of federal antitrust laws. To read more, visit: …

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10439172460?profile=RESIZE_710x After 17 years being active and passionately serving in the BPO and REO industry and with much thought and consideration, I have decided to retire and sell both BPO Automation Group and BPO University to my long-time software developer Claro Briones and his wife Celene. They will be taking over and continuing my legacy.

Today marks an eventful and emotional day for me, my family…

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Does anyone know which companies are still using RESNET for REO?? Doesn't seem like they have as much inventory as the other REO platforms 

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Received a note this week from Radian on the RedBell Platform BPOs - they affirmed not to use auto accept software and NO outsourcing of the BPO work.  For most of us here this is the standard and has been for many years. I see many agents through crowing about having BPO data mills to do the work. My clients expect that I do my own work which I have done for all these years. It was good to see them on this issue. 


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Don't you just hate it when you're entering a comp and it changes status to sold during your typing?  How about when the days on market are less than 1? LOL Things are really heating up in southwest Florida.  Can't keep up in more ways then one.  

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 Is anyone getting REO's in their areas?  I am in Dallas - Fort Worth area and it is pretty dead here.  Nothing!!  HUD has only 22 properties in the entire state.  One of my clients told me that their business is pretty dead as well and they have now gone to the "Fix & Flip"  career.  Client stated that their banks are keeping REO, refurbishing them and renting them.  I think this may be what is happening to many.Our auctions are being overrun by flippers.  They are outbidding the banks.  I…

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Nationwide Advantage: formerly Nationwide Management???

I just received an email from Nationwide Advantage, located in a building in NYC. The logo is one you can buy from IconFinder and I can find no business listings under this name. (below) Is it the same as Nationwide Management that was trying to get money and based in Florida?  BEWARE!  Hello, We're actively looking for an experienced REO listing agent in your area. You were referred over to us by one of our lenders and during this time we have an assignment that needs immediate attention. If…

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BPO Autofill Software Automation Testing

Hi Everyone, I created software that will autofill your BPO forms.  I decided to create the software in order to get faster doing BPOs.  I tried automation, streamlining processes and organization hacks and it was still taking me too much time to turn the BPOs around.  As you know, the longer it takes to do a BPO then the less money you make per hour. I needed for the software to fill out more of the BPO form and also do some calculations.  So in order to get what I needed out of automation I…

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Rose Mencia replied to Medina J. Kerton's discussion Nationwide Management LLC, Orlando Fl-Has anyone worked with this company and got any listings or is this a scam? They charge $399 per listing
"Scam 100%"
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"they talked me into joining last years saying there was many REO's coming it's almost time to renew…"
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Do you want to be successful in Real Estate? then Hire a Rockstar Real Estate Virtual Assistant.…
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"Thank you so much. I used to do BPO's while in Maine. Now I am in Florida and talking to new agents…"
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Don't you just hate it when you're entering a comp and it changes status to sold during your…
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On April 25, 2022 Dan Margolies with KCUR 89.3 (NPR) said a federal lawsuit in Kansas City is…
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After 17 years being active and passionately serving in the BPO and REO industry and with much…
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