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47 U.S.C. § 230 “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider”

REOPro Network is a public forum for REO real estate default professionals and as an on-line service that publishes 3rd party content we are protected against a wide range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold us legally responsible for what others may say or do using our service. As…

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The Next REO Wave is Coming

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To a town near you, the next REO wave is coming soon!

I predict that the United States is going to see an explosion of foreclosure related work again within the next 12 months or sooner.

You may be talking in your head and asking yourself “How the hell does she know that this is going to happen?!”


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You lost your job.  You are a Veteran. You cannot make your mortgage payments. You called your lender and their steely “debt collector” tone and threatening letter would scare anyone.

If you experienced loss of income on the Emerald Coast of Florida due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Veteran’s Administration has issued clarifications about how your VA…

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It is no secret; many people believe a housing collapse is on its way and the REO niche will once again step out into the spotlight. Like moths to a flame, would be REO Professionals are asking, “How do I get my foot in the door?” Dollar dazed and confused, they chase the dream of making fast cash in an industry believed to be a side hustle for stay at home moms and college students. I will admit, for some, good looks, bright smiles,…

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De-funding Local Police Departments And The Impact To Home Prices?

In light of recent talk from some city representatives, a discussion about de-funding local police departments seems to be sweeping over some American cities. As a relatively reasonable and logical person, such action seems like a knee jerk reaction to precieved droconian enforcement of law but, it's a conversation our Country is having none the less. With that being said, I wonder what other real estate professionals would have to say about such dismantling of local law enforcement and what…

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AgentsOnline.net - Don Price

I am in shock to know that AgentsOnline.net is gone??!!   Does anybody know anything about our colleague Don Price AKA Pine, his site is down and would like to know if he is retired from RE or something happened to him?  This was a good source for all of us Realtors, vendors, buyers, etc., it is sad, he had a large database of information

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Nora McDonald replied to NEAL DALESSIO's discussion BPO fulfillment
"True, I also use this tactic. when they see you not just ignoring them, but decline.. they will ev…"
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"Wow, had never heard of them and just checked out their site. I'm really surprised the those bpo co…"
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"To think that this country can absorb the job losses and not end up with more REO is just fantasy l…"
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"Nora are you still doing BPOs? My numbers have dropped considerably since the BPO Monkey company st…"
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Doris Mullins replied to Dave VDovick's discussion 2020 REO Companies
"Michael I have been on both platforms for over 10 years and have not gotten any REO. I have called…"
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"Jesus, you are so right. I have been in the real estate market for over 45 years and have been comp…"
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