Co-Author: Gonzalez, Jesus | Liberty House Realty, LLC. | 555 Marriott Dr. #315 Highland Ridge II, Nashville Tn 37214. www.ListWithLiberty.com

Co-Author: Hastings, Jim | Hastings Brokerage | 2575 South Cimarron Rd. #102 Las Vegas, Nv 89117 | https://huckle.com/…

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Revolution in Real Estate: Attorney Opinion Letters vs. Title Insurance | Fannie Mae Update Explained

🏡 New changes in real estate are here! In this video, we explore the groundbreaking shift introduced by Fannie Mae - Attorney Opinion Letters (AOL) as an alternative to traditional title insurance. Perfect for home buyers, sellers, and those considering refinancing, we dive into: - What AOLs mean for your real estate transactions

- How AOLs can save you money on closing…

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Hello everyone!

I'm beyond excited to share an amazing opportunity – the Velocity: A FORCE Conference, set to take place March 27-29, 2024, at the Grand Hyatt in Nashville, TN. As enthusiasts and professionals in the Real Estate Owned (REO) and adjacent markets, this is an event that promises to be a game-changer, and I'd be delighted to have you join me there.

What is Velocity?

Velocity is a pioneering conference, building on the success of REO…

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Realty Pilot

So today Realty Pilot said that since I was a member back when, they have discounts as BPOs are picking up. Does anyone still use them or get work from them? I was surprised, it has been years.

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2 Replies · Reply by Sam Shueh Feb 6

CollateralXP Legit?

I keep getting these emails from CollateralXP. Are they legit? I can't remember singing up with themYou have some pending requirements to have your account ready to receive automated payments in our platform. Please, log in into our portal, go to your profile, and fulfill each following pendency- Send us your W9 Form- Complete your Stripe onboarding. Click the link below to get redirected to Stripe.

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The Nation's Largest REO & Default Network

REOProNetwork.com is a premier online platform for real estate agents and professionals specializing in the sale of distressed properties, such as bank-owned properties, foreclosures, and short sales. Our website provides a wealth of resources, including industry news, education, and a marketplace for REO listings. With our forums and groups, you can easily connect with other professionals in the industry and exchange knowledge and experiences. Our goal is to help real estate professionals grow their expertise and network in the lucrative REO market. Join us today and start expanding your reach in the distressed property market!


Benefits of Joining the REOPro Network.

  1. Access to industry news and updates: Members can stay up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations, and news affecting the distressed property market.

  2. Learning opportunities: REOProNetwork.com offers educational resources, webinars, and training sessions that can help members enhance their skills and knowledge in the REO market.

  3. Networking: Members can connect with other real estate professionals who specialize in the sale of distressed properties. This can help them build relationships, learn from others, and expand their business opportunities.

  4. Marketing opportunities: Members can leverage the site's marketplace to showcase their REO listings to potential buyers, investors, and clients.

  5. Professional development: By participating in forums, groups, and other community activities, members can hone their communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

  6. Brand visibility: By being an active member of REOProNetwork.com, real estate agents and professionals can boost their online presence and visibility, potentially leading to more business opportunities.

  7. Cost-effective: Joining REOProNetwork.com is relatively affordable compared to other marketing and networking options, making it a cost-effective way to reach potential clients and grow one's business. It's free!

What's Everyone Up To?

Thomas J Davis replied to June T Valora's discussion Auto Accept Companies
Apr 3
Thomas J Davis replied to Gregory Vartanian's discussion Received a call from 2023REO.com claiming to have access to REO's
"all crap"
Apr 3
Thomas J Davis replied to dennis patrick hartigan's discussion what happened to bpo monkey ?
"I had been using them for about four years for order capture only. Suddenly, after my Dec '22…"
Mar 31
Cynthia McKenna posted a discussion
Anyone know who the asset manager is for US Bank National in the Northeast?  Specifically NY?  
Mar 29
Matthew Straley replied to Matthew Straley's discussion Pryamid Platform Gold level
"Radian Real Estate Management."
Mar 28
Richard Stewart replied to Matthew Straley's discussion Pryamid Platform Gold level
"Even when I was busy with REO assignments, I still spent time each week on outreach for new…"
Mar 28
Matthew Straley replied to Matthew Straley's discussion Pryamid Platform Gold level
Thank you!
I've upgraded to gold and have reached out to multiple asset managers through…"
Mar 28
Bill Schellenberger posted a discussion
Hello, I would like to know if anybody has been able to compete or defeat a agent who uses auto…
Mar 26
Owen replied to jeffrey wilkerson's discussion BOA BPO'S
"Thanks Richard. What are the websites for the following?

1) Just Valuation
2) Turnkey Asset…"
Mar 22
Richard Stewart replied to jeffrey wilkerson's discussion BOA BPO'S
"These are the clients I have on Inspectionport: They each must invite you by sending you a key:…"
Mar 22
Richard Stewart replied to Owen's discussion What BPO companies send you orders frequently and pay on time?
"Consolidated Analytics pays quickly"
Mar 22
Richard Stewart replied to Matthew Straley's discussion Pryamid Platform Gold level
"I have, but I credit that to my efforts outside of the pyramid for outreach to asset companies.…"
Mar 19