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REO/BPO Companies

Is there a more current list for these type of companies. This site has a list of companies dating back to 2020. Also alot of companies are taking their REO's to auction. Does anyone know of lenders who still list REO properties with agents 


Jim Math

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Words of Wisdom

Hi All,

I sold REO for PAS and Chase beginning in 2006. Afterwards I felt a calling and worked in Non-profit. I am now getting back into RE and specifically want to specialize again in REO. Does anyone know any asset companies that are accepting agent

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Active Assets

I received an e-mail today from Matt Palmer from Active Assets. He say's I was referred to him by a lender and wants me to reply with my phone number. It anyone dealing with this company, It sounds fishy since the e-mail did not have a logo or headin

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