James Mathieu replied to James Mathieu's discussion Auto accept and contact information for two companies
"I have told many clients about the auto accept situation and they all also do not condone it but they are doing nothing about it. I lose a lot of business a week due to these hackers. I even had one of the companies that due auto accept where they…"
Jan 8
James Mathieu posted a discussion
Is anyone else having problems with auto accept ? Cutting into BPO assignments by hacking a companies site and grabbing orders in a split second. Also does anyone have the contact information for American Derstiny and Castlerock
Jan 8
James Mathieu left a comment for James Mathieu
"I have been having great problems with auto accept. Orders coming in from RRReview, Altisource, Source Net, BPO Fulfillment, LRES, REm and more are accepted before I can open the email even if I am sitting right in front of my computer. I brought…"
Dec 28, 2020
James Mathieu replied to Trong Dang's discussion REO Network worth it?
"I was a premium partner for years and never got an REO listing due to them and strangely usually a month before my membership was about to expire I would get a couple fro a couple of different people saying they got my name from REO Network and one…"
May 20, 2019
James Mathieu replied to Bradley E. Klimaszewski's discussion Altisource
"Can someone tell me the REO contact information for Kondaur"
Jun 26, 2018
James Mathieu replied to Bradley E. Klimaszewski's discussion Altisource
"Yes but out of the past listings I got from Altisource in the past five years this is the first one through  Equator which is better than the past way"
Jun 26, 2018
James Mathieu replied to Bradley E. Klimaszewski's discussion Altisource
"I am in the process of getting a condo listing but Altisource has been dragging their feet getting information requested by management company. Listings do not come around that often. I try to get BPO's when they come up but I am beat our most of…"
Jun 25, 2018
James Mathieu replied to Bradley E. Klimaszewski's discussion Altisource
"I have had a couple of listings with Altisource over the past couple of years and have never had a problem. The just send me an email that they have a listing assignment for me. About one every year. I do the BPO, take the photos, meet with the…"
May 23, 2018
James Mathieu replied to June T Valora's discussion Auto Accept Companies
"RRReview sends me a exclusive order about once every three months rest of the time they just throw them out there. Compushare just throws them out as does Altisource."
May 23, 2018
James Mathieu commented on Richard F. McAllister's blog post Pay rates and counter offers to Asset Management Companies
"I just got a BPO order from Corelogic (Inspectionport) and they were low before but now the automatically pay you $45 per drive by BPO and each month they charge you $6 per order at the beginning of each month so if you have done 10 orders in the…"
Nov 13, 2017
James Mathieu replied to Matthew Straley's discussion BPOFulfillment Company
"BPO fulfillment pays usually 30-45 days and have never had a problem,. The problem I have is most of the BPO's are out of my area    The main problem I have with BPO fulfillment  is the same problem I have with Altisource,  RRReview,  Computershare…"
Oct 24, 2017
James Mathieu commented on DONALD C MILLER's blog post SmartVal Vendor
"I also am getting emails to sign up. In this time of small amount of BPO's available from reliable companies I have dealt with over the past 31 years why would someone be sending out random emails looking for BPO agents. Something stinks !"
May 18, 2017
James Mathieu replied to RJ Davenport III's discussion Corelogic
"Corelogic took over Rels and Inspection Port or Landscafe  but like Mark said the volume is down to almost nothing. Direct deposit is great you get paid in two days but I have had an average of ten BPO's a month just from Corelogic, the old…"
Mar 31, 2017
James Mathieu replied to Zac Brown's discussion Has Anyone Heard of FLeetwood Partners Out of Chicago?
"This is a scam company  Run away"
Mar 31, 2017
James Mathieu replied to Blair Bryant's discussion New to BPOs. Any recommendations?
"Sounds like you are in a good area Blair. I am in SE Florida and have been doing REO work and BPO work and related fields for 31 years. The problem right now is there are alot of agents that have come in my area, the REO inventory is down and as far…"
Mar 31, 2017
James Mathieu replied to Carolyn Roberson's discussion Solidifi, formaly Mark to Market
"yes I would like that information about the assignor. I am in SE Florida  Thank You. "
Mar 28, 2017