Hi yall, as you know, many of these BPO companies have either merged or are out of business.


So what BPO companies send you orders frequently and pay on time?


Here is my list:


  1. RRR
  2. Vendorly (Altisource)
  3. Asset Valuation
  4. Specialized Asset Management (Solidifi)
  5. Xome (Voxtur)


Please share your own list of BPO companies you work with below.

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  • Consolidated Analytics pays quickly
  • clear capital
  • Voxtur has been dead silent for quite a while now and i used to do 15-20 a week a few months ago...
  • Rrreview.com
  • There are not that many that offers decent compensation. I get from Clear Capital and LRES for mostly commercials. Stewart(Proteck) I do it now and then for an interior MIT etc. Residential work is not worth my time. Laborious.
    • Sam, I do not do interiors anmore, too dangerous as most are in the bad neighborhoods. I am getting nothing from Xome, had a disagreement with the guy named ,NATHAN, kept me active but no work, I had been with them since they started Market Intelligence, the Sennott brothers. Xome does not want to pay what I was used to getting paid
      • Doing mostly commercial. The downside is I have no Costar subscription on sales doing it from title closing data source. The personal knowledge of the commercial price and buildings allows me to win respect from quality people. Weed farm was the most challenging chore.
  • how do I contact RRR and Altisource, could you share the link
    • +1-800-804-9496 ,RTCS@altisource.com
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