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Aug 3
Richard Stewart replied to Zac Brown's discussion is it worth it????
"I used to have 5 assets at any given time from resnet. The last 9 months volume has dropped dramatically. I have only received 2 very low priced assignments in last 9 months. One from Specialized Loan Servicing and the other CIT Bank. Always ask if…"
Jul 8, 2017
Richard Stewart replied to CECILIA D FOX's discussion 24 ASSET MANAGEMENT - Just accepted my first assignment from them
"I havent received an assignment from them in over a year. Its a nice platform and things have always went smoothly in the past. I hope this is a sign they are getting new inventory as I would welcome new assignments from them. "
Jul 8, 2017
Richard Stewart replied to Hugo W Meza's discussion Caliber has been sending "Notice of Service Release of REO Asset"
"I have had one assignment pulled by Caliber recently. Caliber is one of my best clients, so I remain optimistic. It is not unusual that a client might do this from time to time for various reasons. Often when an asset transfers from one company to…"
Jul 8, 2017
Richard Stewart replied to Gregory Wesley's discussion HUD Marketing Package Request
"Please share with me your short and sweet template."
May 9, 2016
Richard Stewart replied to RJ Davenport III's discussion Res.Net feedback
"It is a significant piece of the puzzle. About 1/3 of my business comes from, 1/3 from equator and 1/3 from other platforms like pyramid, reoconnex, keystone and disposolutions. The following companies have assigned assets to me on…"
May 9, 2016
Richard Stewart replied to Richard Stewart's discussion Citimortgage vendor contact info
"I just received a Citi assignment from Olympus 2 weeks ago."
Mar 26, 2016
Richard Stewart posted a discussion
Does anyone have a working email or phone number for Vendor Management at Citimortgage? It appears it has all changed recently. All of my direct phone #s are now disconnected and emails are bouncing. Even the remote asset manager cell phone is…
Mar 25, 2016
Richard Stewart replied to NEAL DALESSIO's discussion any body else tired of getting requests to do assignments for $35?
"I always ignore them. Then they cant get anyone to do it so they ask me how much and I do them for around 10$ more than I do anyone else. It feels so good to tell them no."
Jul 7, 2014
Richard Stewart commented on James D Davis's blog post Is ResNet Worth It?
"Onewest bank fka IndyMac and CitiMortgage require pro plus membership to receive listings. However, offers discount codes with short time periods. There is no reason you should ever pay full price for You might have to renew early,…"
Aug 12, 2013
Richard Stewart replied to ATX | BPO Outsourcing & Capture's discussion 7/30 Green River Capital is going nuts with orders-told you so....
"I was very disappointed in realtypilot because they offer a free membership for ONE of their TWO clients. Keystone OR Green River. Unfortunately, I was setup as Keystone and never got an order. I had realtypilot switch my free acct to Green  River…"
Aug 12, 2013
Richard Stewart replied to George Medvedeff's discussion SingleSource Property Solutions
"I have worked with them for years. I do not track how long it takes for bpos to get paid, but they do pay and I have received listings from them in the past, only bpos lately."
Aug 12, 2013
Richard Stewart replied to Jason Irwin's discussion TAZA or ebrokerhouse
"I used Taza for several months and it was NOT easy to use. I was very dissapointed with the training and high cost. I switched to Ebrokerhouse. Ebrokerhouse was so easy to use, we were up and running with their paperless offer submission…"
Mar 2, 2013
Richard Stewart replied to Gina's discussion Lamco- Lenders Asset Management Company
"I was a member for 2 years. Both years the cost to be a member was more than the income I received from being a member. When I brought this to the attention of the telemarketer who solicited me, he had a scripted rebuttal. He looked at my account…"
Jan 14, 2012
Richard Stewart replied to Rosemary Brooks's discussion HRC, and what else is required to receive REOs from Excellen REO?
"In addition to and amp, Default school class REO Best practices and Advanced valuations.

Congratulations HRC Agent! You are receiving this notice because you have been selected to partner with Excellen REO based on your efforts with…"
Feb 19, 2010
Richard Stewart posted a blog post
My firm recently switched from Taza REO to to manage our REO listings. While Ebrokerhouse is much less expensive and easier to use, the keycode feature alone would justify the switch. We post a link in our listings. Agents register…
Jan 29, 2010