• These are the clients I have on Inspectionport: They each must invite you by sending you a key: Bank of America
    CoreLogic Valuation Solutions
    Just Valuation
    Turnkey Asset Management Solutions
    • Thanks Richard. What are the websites for the following?

      1) Just Valuation
      2) Turnkey Asset Management Solutions

  • There is no link, one has to be invited and if you were in corelogic doing those BPOS and inspections like I did, then you got invited.
  • could you please send me the link to BOA ..... you
    • Hi, did you get the BOA info? If yes would you mind sharing? thanks!!!
  • I believe they have taken it in house, but they are using the Inspectionport platform to complete BPO orders. I just received one yesterday.
  • Could you please send me the link to BOA. Thank you.
  • Corelogic sent me invitations 3X. I am not impressed wanting to fill tons of paperwork. Do they want background also ?
  • Im a real estate appraiser and was trying to get on their list for appraisals. I have notice that a lot of banks often shares its vendor deparments. If possible could someone please email the link or contact for the vendor department? It would be greatly appreciated.
    • Michael, where you located?
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