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Hello All,

I'm a bit confused with the Inspection Port platform. I just received an order from CoreLogic, and I am wondering do we pay a fee to Inspection Port for BPO orders? If so, how can that be worth it when the orders don't pay very much as it is?

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  • $7 bucks the bill comes to you faster than speed of light before Corelogic gives you what is left, I have not heard from Corelogic for awhile. Not missing it either(neutral).
  • These companies show up on my client list on inspectionport. Does anyone have a full list of clients that use inspectionport so I can reach out to them to get invitation/link? Bank of America 0
    CoreLogic Valuation Solutions 0
    Just Valuation 0
    Turnkey Asset Management Solutions
  • Yeah to pay a small fee for each BPO or PCR and I do some work for them if it's close to my office but do make sure it's worth my time and taking into consideration the fee attached so PCR's at $40 and BPO's at $70+ for exterior and $90+ for interiors
  • I think one of the platforms wanting ~$7 using the platform. They have the hardest SEND to close system. Hang hang hang.... Pay is reasonably quick. Taking longer to submit. But it is easy money.
  • Yes you have to pay Inspectionport for each BPO you do. It's $6 for a BPO and $3 for a PCR. There main client is Bank of America. BOA fees dropped way low for awhile but my last two orders were each $67. That's pretty good pay compared to most BPO companies. Another good thing is they usually give you five days to complete the order.
    • Yeah, I doubt I will be doing any BPOs for them if that is true. There is no way I can afford to pay my broker, pay them, and consider making any money with that type of arrangement. I don't even do a BPO less than $65 in my area. I've learned to value my time, and know my worth is much more than that.
      • why are you paying your broker, my broker does not take any$$ from BPO or PCR that I complete. Maybe it is time for you to make a change to a brokerage that is not so greedy
      • All orders are negotiable on the Inspectionport system.
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