I barely remember signing up with them - maybe in 2010.  It seems pretty straight forward.  I won't know for sure until I get their pricing and commission structure.  The $150 per closing for the website/tech fee is a little steep.

The listing should be easy enough to sell except if there are no well and septic records.  

Looks like I'm supposed to pick up trashout fees and get reimbursed but the electric is already on and the yard is being taken care of.  

Here's a new one.  The winterization tags are marked "CNEC", the name of the inspection company, but not the date which I found on the kitchen counter inspection sheet.   

Any experience - good or bad - on reimbursements.  Or dealings with asset managers?

I DID look them up here, but didn't find anything.  I though for sure that I had seen something on them but I guess not.

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  • I did not have to front trash out on these properties but the communication from the company was very bad. I was never told when they were having contractors do anything and what they were supposed to do. And they did everything AFTER the listing went live. The work was either not complete or done very late. One time, someone was observed to be doing trash out by a neighbor.  They told the neighbor that there was no furnace or water tank. Sure enough, they were gone but the couch that was on the trash out truck was back in the garage and the garage door was left partly open. So the neighbor called to let me know. 

    2% was not a fair listing agent fee. 

    I had 3 assignments from them.  1 sold very quickly because they underpriced. The one with all the problems took a while but we got close to my value. And the 3rd one was donated and 2 weeks later I'm still waiting for my $750 management fee because the donee used their own close company. 

  • I havent received an assignment from them in over a year. Its a nice platform and things have always went smoothly in the past. I hope this is a sign they are getting new inventory as I would welcome new assignments from them. 

  • I luckily have a good experience with 3 of their asset managers, one in particular, but they all act like they want to help you succeed, no bad experiences so far, Been with them over a year. Their properties so far are not all that, but not as bad as some from other companies. My experience is that they tend to come on a little high, and when it doesn't work their way I use my BPO price to remind them, but they will work with you to get it sold if you keep them informed as to what the feedback is from the agents that show, or even when it's not shown, I keep reminding them it's not working, and so far they listen...I have 6 listings currently with them. No complaints....in fact , I received one property because the prior agent got mad and turned the property in because it wouldn't  sell, asset manager called me and asked if I'd take it and when he told me where it was I bust out laughing, especially when he told me how much it was listed for, he promised if I took it he would do all he could to help me sell it..I had another property with another company a bit up the road from there,  so I figured what the heck......he did exactly what he said when it wouldn't sell in 30 days, he told me to get him an offer and I did....he got it dropped $20,000 and it's going to the table within the next two weeks.

    • Who are you getting assets from through them?

      • I had worked for them for quite some time and then all of a sudden out of the blue they called, they get homes through Chase and some others.. You put the offers in on line. No extra charges for buyers.

  • I did about 60 deals with them. They sometimes re-assign the property after you have been doing inspections for a year. Most of my properties were chase bank. I think Chase was dropping them as a vendor.
    • But, in my opinion, a listing is a listing. REO is a high volume low margin business. If they send you listings, I would definitely not decline. But, sometimes the amount of time that they have you holding the property can cause you to lose money at the end of the transaction if the property is not expensive enough to pay a decent commission to offset your expenses that they do not reimburse such as gas money on inspections.
  • Cici, they are GREAT. I was with them for some time doing Fannie, they were the last contractor Fannie let go of. They were really easy to deal with.

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