• American Destiny seems to have disappeared on me. I am dealing directly with Castlerock on my last listing. Nothing lost but still curious.
    • Thanks for the heads up Cecilia. I looked up Castlerock and submitted a vendor request. I find that dealing direct with the original client instead of through a 3rd party many times is helpful. Good to hear the AM's are helpful. I like Res Net since no on there yells! They are great people.
  • I have had several listings referred to me from American Destiny mostly with Single Source. Great to work with.
  • Yes, just like Cecilia said the Destiny people are very nice but one of their clients is Castlerock and the properties do not bring big revenue but the asset managers from Castlerock are nice people and very helpful with issues in my experience. I take the assignments because they are in my area and I work with investors that buy these house, fix them up and ask me to put them on the market which is worth it in the end.
  • They have assigned me 2 Castlerock REO properties. First one was a low value under $30k  half occupied 2 unit. It was supposed to be a no-entry listing. My MLS doesn't allow those without a seller signed disclosure with access after an offer. It took me 2 months to get them to allow me to rekey the empty unit. And the compensation is very low $500. The 2nd one is supposed to be an auction property.  Worth maybe $20k due to exterior condition. Instructions are to remove existing locks and install a padlock and their signs. Minimal compensation for completing tasks - $150.  I do a reconnaissance of the property.  It has 2 doors each with a lock plus deadbolt. I ask if I get reimbursement to do the locks. The Destiny people are very nice but they said to do the best I can. I ask why Castlerock is so cheap. Don't know. Still no signs after 2 weeks. Turned out they were sent to the wrong agent. Now I have to go get them.   I'm hoping Destiny has some better clients!

    • Thanks for the extensive note on this one Cece

      • You are welcome, Frank!  Feel free to correspond. 

  • I have received 4 listing offers from American Destiny and accepted 3, wish I would of accepted all 4. I have never meet such a great group on people! Very friendly super easy to work with and no up keep on the properties, just list it in your MLS what more can a realtor ask for?


  • Yes, I am signed up with them.  They submit your info to REO companies and put your info in a newsletter.  

  • Run as far away from this company if you can. 

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