• I use to get 1 - 2 listings a year from them, very easy you do nothing but list it. They do all the negotiating, but you're only paid 1 -1.3%. I was doing BPO's for them for years and seemed to just stop around April. Seemed like they were having issues with the REALTRANS Site? East forms that auto filled themselves as soon as you picked the comps. Direct deposit and fairly quick. Anyone had anything from them lately?
  • Then received a request too do a ICMA on same property.
  • Just got one last week
  • I have had a couple of listings with Altisource over the past couple of years and have never had a problem. The just send me an email that they have a listing assignment for me. About one every year. I do the BPO, take the photos, meet with the property preservation companies and the property goes into Hubz. The last listing I got from them was last August 2017 and just closed in March due to tile problems. As the listing agent I got the smallest part of the commissions. The selling agent got the most, then the Altisource in house broker got the next  largest amount then me. I am the broker so I have not had any IRS mix ups as I use my corporate number not my SS. As far as BPO's I don't do many as most of the BPO's they put out are auto accepted or hundreds of miles away

    • That part I didn't understand for BPOs. I am not a broker and they don't allow me to use my SS# as every other company I worked has no issues. So I had to use my brokerage ID# but the BPO money goes in my account so I don't know how is gonna work out at the end of the year when they will send 1099. I asked my broker few times if he will add brokerage account number, not happened yet. I'm worried. ANYONE ELSE HAS THIS ISSUE?

      They keep sending me BPOs which are 100-200 miles away from my office. I just accept the one close by. Then they send emails too for BPO/CMA also which are too far away. Their BPOs are easy.

      • I am in the process of getting a condo listing but Altisource has been dragging their feet getting information requested by management company. Listings do not come around that often. I try to get BPO's when they come up but I am beat our most of the time by auto accept. Auto accept gets into my RReview, Altisource, Computershare and I couple of others and I have written emails to these companies  and even sent a copy of an email from a guy named John which came to be from inviting me to join his auto accept but I have declined t do so. These companies I mentioned they do not approve of auto accept and if they find someone is using it they will drop the agent but I have not seen any difference yet. What I don't understand there are other BPO companies I do work for with the BPO order assigned directly to me. Also something new is that Xome now whats $2200 a year to be be able to get  at least two REO listings, short sale leads and BPOs.  $2200  !!!   I don't know about anyone else that is just alot of money. Also I forgot to mention that the REO listing I am waiting on from Altisource is coing through Equator.

        • Altisource bought Equator about 5 years ago.

          • Yes but out of the past listings I got from Altisource in the past five years this is the first one through  Equator which is better than the past way

            • Altisource, like other asset companies, have clients with different requirements so you will see them use the various platforms. Two of my clients that have managed their own assets on Resnet are now also using an asset company who uses the pyramid platform.  I had to turn down both assignments because not only are they low value properties, there was no minimum commission, a 35% referral fee,  AND a $150 platform fee.  Might have netted $500 each not counting hours doing weekly checks and various property management tasks. 

            • Can someone tell me the REO contact information for Kondaur

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