Patrick Burke replied to Bradley E. Klimaszewski's discussion Altisource
"I use to get 1 - 2 listings a year from them, very easy you do nothing but list it. They do all the negotiating, but you're only paid 1 -1.3%. I was doing BPO's for them for years and seemed to just stop around April. Seemed like they were having…"
Jan 11
Patrick Burke replied to Margaret Loudermilk's discussion Green River Capital
"GRC is number 1 with the Asset Management companies. We've been with them for three years and have watched them grow and improve on every aspect from Reimbursements to expanding their client base. Their expectations for brokers are high, as it is…"
Feb 8, 2010
Patrick Burke replied to Gail Jackson's discussion FAS test
"Personal Property Release"
Feb 8, 2010