• I pass. Been there before. Our area will unlikely to have any reos. Often it is on the etc listed higher than the market crabby condition.
  • Users was an asset management company and be honest with you I received 2 REO assignment directly from them in 2009 for some reason I think they merged with (REO platform) and everything stopped, I am a certified REO/BPO agent with the A-REO (Accredited REO) designation, and if someone wants my service it aint gonna be free..
  • Like a dupe, I bought into the do the freebies to get listings from USRES, I did a lot of them, well over 25 probably more like 35 freebies over the course of several months in hopes of getting a listing. I never received a listing. This POS company preys on eager agents to do their bpo work with no intention of ever assigning a listing to the agent. Beware, good luck to anyone who decides to take a chance with this company, I hope it works into a few listings for you. My experience was bad and warn anyone who is thinking of taking the order to proceed with caution and low expectations.
    • Exactly my experience in the past. Peeps don't fall prey to this BS.
  • I did a 3 freebies back in 2013 for usres when I lived in Akron, Ohio and got 2 fifth third listings I believe I would have got the third one as the lisiting was about to expire the next week but went under contract. I would do them in a heart beat.
    • I really think you were an exception not the rule. Congratulations on winning the BPO for listing lottery.
  • Not only did I pay for a membership I did several free BPOs. When I started asking for a fee for the BPOs I stopped hearing from them.
  • Promise of listings is BS. Stay away from this crap. Respond that you will complete at some rate say $50 for exterior, $75 for interior. You will credit the fee at closing of the listing. Stop this Madness!!! They need skin in the game. No fee. No report. You worked to hard to get your license. You add value. Upfront payment with credit to them at fruition is fair. This listing for free work is a game and you will end up on the short stick.
  • Happy Easter Day Joseph.
    I have done a couple; I was told that if you complete one your name goes into the pool then you are automatically eligible for listings (per asset manager Usres). I will do them if I am not busy so I can get my name in the system just in case something comes up in my area. The ones that were offered to me came through RES.NET.
  • Are they assigning you tasks as well as asking for a BPO? Generally, they would tell you you will list the home.
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