• My 3 contracts have still not closed. Their client for these 3 properties is not paying sheriff fees and property taxes in a timely manner. One got close to being charged with contempt of court.  It's very frustrating.  I have 2 more coming through Keylink which I think are a different client but it's hard to tell. 

  • I have all 3 listings under contract.  The biggest problem with the company is that their sellers apparently wait until there's a contract before they pay sheriff fees and property taxes and do the title work.  One may have a mortgage left out of the foreclosure.    And, of course, that delays the closing for these cash buyers wanting to close quickly. 

    The fourth one turns out to be occupied by a land contract holder who refused to negotiate a CFK offer. After being very nice to her when I delivered it, she texted me that the sheriff said that it was illegal for me to come onto the property and that they know the local police who will be watching the house.  Now after the redemption period, they want to negotiate. Eviction started. 

  • Anyone who listens to our price opinions is a rare breed. I applaud you Cecilia, you got t good client. 

  • Not only did they pay for my 2nd set of BPOs, I just got the one assignment listed while waiting for the sheriff sale confirmation and 2 others are now assigned to me. They are all going to be tough to sell, but they took my advice on pricing and even went a bit lower than I recommended on this  first one. 

  • I just got one of the properties I did 2 exteriors on. The last listing expired a month ago and I could tell it had the basement pumped out at least once because the hose was still sticking out the back window. No electricity. Basement flooded again. Lots of mold. No well and septic info. Previously investor owned. Previous agent is cooperative but knows nothing about the systems. Septic systems are a main reason that people abandon properties. Fun. 

  • They say they do.  I got paid for several exterior BPOs then got most of the same addresses for BPOs about 6 months later. I tried to get the same higher negotiated payments I got before - from the original $30 up to $65 for distance but was then told they don't negotiate. Some of the addresses are now short sale listings and if they aren't successfully sold, they may acquire them and list with me. We'll see. 

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