• Any updates on this Im doing lots of interior BPOs for Pyramid Shellpoint and they are all vacant REOs all going to 2 agents in my area
  • I paid the extra money and it was worth it as I got a listing from Dakotas. I always get Selene Finance and some others there, too.
  • I get 2-3 listings a year from Selene through pyramid with the same AM. For me paying extra doesnt seem worth it.
  • not yet wait for the reos to come back. we have got one listing for them in the last two months
  • I havent received a new assignment in this year - i think its good to wait as far as inventory but the longer you wait the less likely you can get any kind of discount as more people will apply I was able to renew for less than the $700.00
  • I have not signed up yet as i feel the reo inventory will not hit until next year so would like to extend the membership by delaying the start until there is more reo. I have heard that this is going to be one of the platforms to be on though.
    • I get a lot of business off of Pyramid and I agree with you about waiting. I had originally signed up on Equator and bought zip codes...I got nothing. Are you thinking about different platforms? Like ResNet? Equator?
      • I already belong to and equator but its crickets now with the moratorium on foreclosures.
        • Have you had listings from Res.Net and Equator? It could depend on your area too.. My inclination is to join ResNet early next year.
  • The premium agent was just started, so I don't think anyone will have seen any results yet. I received REO listings when it was completely free before. Hope its not just another money grab by another platform. So many people wasted money on Equator and never received one listing.
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