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Consolidated Analytics

In the past month I have gotten notice from my bank that on two separate occasions I have had checks from Consolifated Analytics returned for nonpayment.  Anyone else had a problem with them lately?  I cannot get anyone at the company to respond to m

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3 Replies · Reply by Karen Gray Oct 15


Don't you just hate it when you're entering a comp and it changes status to sold during your typing?  How about when the days on market are less than 1? LOL 

Things are really heating up in southwest Florida.  Can't keep up in more ways then one.  

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Is anyone getting REO's in their areas?  I am in Dallas - Fort Worth area and it is pretty dead here.  Nothing!!  HUD has only 22 properties in the entire state.  One of my clients told me that their business is pretty dead as well and they have now

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Agent's Corner


REO Pro Network has been endorsing Agent's Corner, based on that endorsement I signed up with Agent's Corner.  I set up the account and the campaign/spend exactly how the Agent Corner rep said and after several months no leads.  I asked the rep

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6 Replies · Reply by Frank Popeleski Sep 27, 2021