• I had been using them for about four years for order capture only. Suddenly, after my Dec '22 invoice, they stopped sending invoices. Oddly, they continued to grab orders for me for several months into 2023. Then some of my settings in the portal were changed or deleted and as often as I tried, I could not reset them. I began to wonder if it was a payment issue but they would not respond to ANY of my efforts to rectify the settings issue and even allow me to get right with them on the invoice side. Later, I experienced many of my emails to them bouncing or being ignored. The main landing site seemed to be operational but I could not even make an inquiry using their "contact" form. Recently I visited the site again and I see there is no "log in" tab. Who knows? I made multiple attempts to fix things and continue my relationship but to no avail.
  • I heard in another group that they went under.
  • Same problem here
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