Footprints RE from Illinois

Has anyone ever done business with Footprints RE.  I filled out their vendor form a few weeks ago.  Received a phone call last week from some from the company & they stated that the had an REO listing in my area, but in order to service the listing I had to pay $300 to use their platform which is similar to Equator or RES.NET.  Has anyone else signed up with this company or had any type of experience with them?

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        • Maria

          I believe the problem is that Realtors are not complaining to
          on how companies are scamming the Realtors by abusing the domain name.  Got the information from for domain name being abuse.

          I believe you can file one with Homeland Security at or .


          Also, Realtors should contact their credit card company explain which companies are scamming for money, how they do it, what they don't deliver as promises, and copies of complaints or links of complaints.  That way, there is a tract record in the credit card industry.  And you might get your money back.


          You can find out who are responsible of any domain name at

  • Footprints RE and BankersREO are related.  Don't pay them they are crooks and you will receive no REO properties.



    • That is correct do not pay them anything.

  • Did you go ahead with them? They contacted me yesterday and I'm thinking WHOA! Don't send the $$$

    • I paid them there 300 bucks and got the listing from another company whom said WHY DID You pay Footprints we are giving you the listing for free.  I laughed and figure someone out there is 300 dollars richer.   

      • What company sent you the listing? I'll reach out to them directly. Thanks for the guidance.

  • This is a SCAM.  I paid them to get listings.  They took my money then sent my info to another company whom contacted me with the same Exact listing FOOTPRINTS sold me on and charged me more.  I do believe that FOOTPRINTS is only a middle man for Chase and BOA.  Not totally sure but thats what my gut tells me.  

  • This company has been discussed here many times.


    RUN>>>>>RUN AWAY!



    And Fast!

  • WOW!!!!!  Thanks for doing all that research!!!!  Definitely NOT a company I will be registering with.

    • That's why I L O V E this Blog!!

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