Footprints RE from Illinois

Has anyone ever done business with Footprints RE.  I filled out their vendor form a few weeks ago.  Received a phone call last week from some from the company & they stated that the had an REO listing in my area, but in order to service the listing I had to pay $300 to use their platform which is similar to Equator or RES.NET.  Has anyone else signed up with this company or had any type of experience with them?

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  • I sadly fell for this one and paid the $300. After a few weeks with no activity and another agent in our office receiving the same information (song and dance), I requested my money back and RECEIVED IT. They credited back my entire $300 for what it's worth.

  • I received a call from them today. They asked for $300. I told them to send me the service referral agreement and I would let them know. It gave me time to read about them on here. I will not give them a penny. Absolute got me a few years ago and they are from the same area.


    • In my experience, even Wells Fargo Bank charges $115 per property that they give to list...have you received REO listings from a bank without having to pay an initial fee?

  • Yes, I signed up with them a couple of months ago, was told the $300 was an initial fee and if the property that I was to do the bpo on went "for sale" I would get the listing.  I didn't get the address until after I paid the money and found out it was a short sale which did eventually sell. I did get paid $50.00 for the bpo (exterior) and have not heard from them again.  However, I must add that I live in California in a resort town.  Good luck!

    • I demanded my $300 be returned immediately and received a refund in 48 hours.

      • No kidding,

        They ignore my request

  • I lost $300.00 to them also. How can we get this money back?

    • No way I have found.  Have tried small claim court but without a physical person and business to file against you dont have a case.  I have located addresses and individuals but NO ONE with the authority to claim ownership of the business.  The business is not filed through a Clerks office as a business in ILL.  Kinda sucks hard earned money down the drain.  

      • Amazing this people can continue to scam Realtors without recourse.

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