• No sir, it's not a scam. I haven't called your short sale program a scam so don't attack my company. You may ask Jesse how long I have been with this site, longer then you sir!


      If you kindly send the agent(s) sending you the message, they will gladly take you off their mailing list. LinkedIn has been very successful for our campany and our members will continue to use it. Now that we have teams in over 63 markets, and adding 5 to 10 a week, you will probably get more messages as new agents join.


      LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses, if you do not want to network, then feel free to remove the people sending you messages. It's very easy.

  • Welcome to REA Gary, I'm a team leader in the Atlanta area.


    • Hi Steve can you comment on the company?

      • Sure. is a traditional real estate company with a focus on real estate auctions. Our goal is to take all listings to auction. We are a full service company, meaning we work with buyers as well as sellers, commercial, residential and land. No experience or license required with auctions (other then a real estate license) to get started, state laws may vary.

        REA is a new company, currently open in 14 states and 63 teams, 5 new teams started just last week. Each state is divided into territories for which a team will work exclusively with sellers. The team leaders are free to set up their teams for what works best for them and their territory. Each territory has approx 1 million residents each. The plan is to have operations started in all 50 states by the end of the year.

        Our business model has been in R&D for the last 2 years by the owners of the company. The principles have been tested to be proven successful and now we are applying these principles with each state's license laws, something I'm currently involved in with GA. There are still a few state broker's positions available as well as team leaders and "project managers" or team members.

        There is a limited number of broker and team leader positions available, once filled they are gone. And there are a few "regional director" positions left but this requires an investment into the company in exchange for shares of stock. We are also looking for a limited number of venture capitalist investors at the corporate level.

        Here is a link to a company brochure:

        If you are interested in a position, please let me or Gary know and we'll be glad to put you in contact with the proper person for your area.


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        • The brochure didn't work for me. Please have someone contact me. I'm in the S.F. Bay Area, Contra Costa County. 530-949-9742. Thank you.

        • Steve,

          I'm defenelly interested in joinig Realestateauctions (REA), I'm in Miami Dade County.  Please let me know who to contact.

          Thank you, Claudio Leiter 

        • I may be interested in the Harrisburg Pa areas


          • Hi James, feel free to contact me at anytime. I will be glad to talk to you. ===>Go Here<=== and my contact info will be there also.

          • James, you can contact Gary Anthony at 240-529-9114, he's the Regional Director for that state.


            Good Luck!

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