CJ Oliver commented on Nicole Ocean's blog post The Next REO Wave is Coming
"To think that this country can absorb the job losses and not end up with more REO is just fantasy land. I too can remember early days in 2007 and walking away from a cash for keys with tears running down. We can only try to make it better for the…"
Jul 3, 2020
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May 25, 2020
CJ Oliver commented on Jesus D. Gonzalez Jr.'s blog post How Do I Get Started In The REO Business?
"Hi Jesse, I first joined you back in the day when there were only about 100 agents signed up. The REO business was cranking up and for a newbie I did not know any better and jumped right in. You could not have said it better that this is about…"
May 25, 2020
CJ Oliver replied to Willy Olsen's discussion Entra Asset Management
"this is why I luv this site!!!!!!!!! Just got a request from them - delete, delete, delete and tag as spam ;-)"
Oct 5, 2017
CJ Oliver replied to Cindy Billman, SRES ®, SFR®, CDPE's discussion REO/BPO COMPANIES THAT DON'T PAY
"I just got a call from them and it does sound like they are using off shore outsourcing for their calls anyway. Googleing them they appear somewhat reputable so let us know what you find out if you do anything for them. In rural areas especially you…"
Aug 10, 2016
CJ Oliver replied to Vivian's discussion BPO COMPANIES THAT PAY AND SOME THAT DON'T - JULY 2013 REVISED
"you need to join Revva - then we only have to pay for one and you get them when they are renewed and sent to the Revva members. "
Jul 15, 2016
CJ Oliver replied to Zac Brown's discussion Has anyone worked with a company called Real Esales??
"Run like a scalded dog. That or just take the money out of the bank and set it on fire. Same result as paying them. "
Apr 29, 2016
CJ Oliver commented on Alex Nova, A-REO, CDPE, RDCpro's blog post Have you looked at your Equator bill this month?
"almost no one selects you from Equator but AMs that use equator will want you to use their platform which you can sign up for than. If you have the relationship with the AM there is no problem with either Equator or Resnet. I imagine Resnet is…"
Jun 8, 2015
CJ Oliver replied to Bayo Oshinnaiye's discussion Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?
"Run - Personally I think it is ABsolute reo reincarnated or something very similar. They are getting crafty too. LONG riff about how they need some one in your area badly & then they run down the zip codes. Just when you think it might be something…"
May 1, 2015
CJ Oliver replied to Gabriel Salas's discussion BPO contact
"There are short sale investment groups that use this tactic but I have never heard of the attorneys getting involved. If they contact you again simply tell them that you will be forced to report them for exercising undue influence it they continue.…"
Jan 12, 2015
CJ Oliver commented on Pam Maglione's blog post News Corp. buys Move Inc. How will this affect online Real Estate
"News Corp is the extension of Rupert Murdoch and don't think for a minute that anyone else is in charge. This is about power . The heights they want to reach likely does not include Realtors. Why pay them those pesky commissions anyway? "
Oct 24, 2014
CJ Oliver commented on Donna Roberts's blog post Are you a real estate professional? Or are you a problem solver?
"I am a proud cat herder who manages to sell some real estate doing it. ;-)"
Aug 22, 2014
CJ Oliver replied to Pam Maglione's discussion Do BPO agents really need a "Certification"?
"no - in a crowded market they might select a 'certified' over a plain vanilla agent but basically it's just another money grab. "
Aug 22, 2014
CJ Oliver replied to Cynthia McKenna's discussion Pyramid Platform
"Selene has an awful reputation as a mortgage company, why should their REO arm be any better. "
Aug 22, 2014
CJ Oliver replied to Denese Sanders's discussion Anyone heard of Consolidated Analytics?
"cheap but will negotitate in rural areas. Legitimate company &  pay fine. "
Aug 22, 2014
CJ Oliver commented on Violetta Polyakov, Broker's blog post This is a new LOW from Pro Teck
"negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Jesse was right when he said this was coming. Some companies have only offered $25-30 for bpos for years. Yes, I did not take any but someone has. This is the same philosophy that the 'end minimum wage' crowd…"
Aug 15, 2014