• I have not been paid for services for Xome since March 2020. There was multiple services requested including some foreclosed sales. I just started sending them notices and understand holidays are slow. This was eMortgage previously.
    • I have not done anything with them asked me to do a couple interiors, with the Pandemic I refused. I rarely do interiors too risky always in a bad area
    • Xome pays direct into your bank account. They pay promptly for BPOs.
    • 1. Xome was remortgage?
      2. They didn't pay your commission on sales?
    • I closed a sale with them and I just listed a property with them that is not moving. Overpriced. It is on an auction site. Don't like online auctions. They made me send an extension to a buyer that I did not represent and I advised them that this was not proper. They did not care.
  • I haven't been fortunate enough to figure out how they pay. I have done maybe 30 BPO's for them in the past.
  • any knowledge of LRES out of Reno, NV? They said they used to be Inside Valuations and not sure if they pay or not?
    • poor pay history
    • they are fine, they pay every week direct deposit. They pay better with Commercial but they will pay
    • LRES pays every week via direct deposit. I've been with them a long time both on BPO's & Listings
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