It seems like there is an epidemic of Servicing Co's and Bpo Co's that are just not paying.

This platform is a good source of information for agents to share their experience with others to avoid

loosing money and time on these companies that wish to  deal in dirty business practices. If you complete an order based on agreed terms & price, there should be NO reason you should not be paid.

The names of a few companies that Pay on time and every month.

1. RRR

2. E Mortgage logic

3. Single Source

4. Specialized- sam

5. Ocwen

The names of some THAT DO NOT PAY !

1. IAS - Integrated Asset Services

2. Broker Price Opinion

3. Trans continental


5. Main Street Valuations AKA Bpo Fulfillment 

6. Valuation Partner's 

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  • I am noticing a slow down in getting reimbursed from certain companies. Anyone got anything information on Security National? I am having trouble getting reimbursed and my contractors are not getting draws to do rehabs from them. 

  • hey folks-just got a check from a class action suit against$27.41!!!  lol-better than nothing

  • I do BPO's for Protek, maybe 1-2 a week but have now been informed that they age the BPO for 45 days before they pay on them. Does anyone else deal with a company that pays this way?  I am not sure they will be around much longer with this method of compensation. Clear Capital pays well and also Old Republic pays quickly.

  • What about Valuation Connect. Do they pay?

    • I'd like to know this as well. They solicited me.I worked in past with a 2 sister companies in same neighborhood, Moon Township/next to pittsburgh airport. Clear capital gained their customer/HSBC and those 2 service companies folded. I worked for $75-$110 for them. I fortunately got paid when doors where closing. Then another tried starting with some of same employees. I submitted all the stuff and many calls but they never got off ground.

      I learned this company Valuation Connect is formed from Mortgage direct/ and Urban Lending Solutions...Same Moon Township,,,sounds familiar

      ,Mortgage Direct was formed sept 2017. They took over Urban Lending Solution,,created Valuation Connect. I got a email out of the blue asking for me to work with them.  I called and requested pay for interior and ext from fellow who emailed me..he didn't give me any real info.....he wrote back submit your forms,background check ect and pay scale. I just wanted a simple answer as I told him if this was 30-50 and haggle each one with a call "will you do this for ?? by tomorrow ?" and then ...I'll call you right back. I am not wasting my time and money on forms and new back ground check.

      I'm curious if you learned anything about their volume or reputation so far and pay?

      • The previous asked about Valuation Connect.

        • Thanks.  This thread is so old that brand new posts might make this site useful again.  Just a suggestion.   That said, I agree.  I don't want to go through the hassle just to find out that they shotgun all of their orders at $30 a pop.  That's not for me either unless they show me their forms in advance.  If they are simplified in some way or don't require comp listings or dollar adjustments, maybe ok.  But show some loyalty.

      • You might want to start a whole new discussion because I have no reference as to what you are replying to.

  • Has anyone heard of doing BPO's

    they are asking for my drivers license info and copy of same............ sounds kinda strange to me

    I understand a W-9  R/E license and  E&O insurance but drivers license

    • Hello,

         I know this reply is quite a while after the original post, but, Xome has been very good for me to work with for the last 1-2 years. I have gotten a lot of work from them and never had a problem with payment.

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