• I've stopped taking their orders. They changed my adjustment " to make it neater " as they put it. However, after the change, it couldn't support my price suggestion. They didnt even tell me and sent it right out. I found out afterwards and called them up! With my name on it, my now doesn't make sense value suggestion and for $40, I decided not to do it anymore.
  • I do work for them rarely. They pay OK. The photo upload and the forms are a pain. If I have enough other work, I don't take them.

  • I have worked with them.  They do pay and are easy to work with. 

  • They pay. I get lots of order requests from them but since they usually start at $35 for an exteior I pretty much ignore them. I've done a few where they couldn't get anyone and called me and I got them up to $65.

    • Thank you Patrick

  • cheap but will negotitate in rural areas. Legitimate company &  pay fine. 

  • low pay, a lot of work ..... Will pay but seems to take some time..

  • Yes its a unit of Old Republic

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