Ive been getting bombarded with emails from this company daily. Has anyone worked with them. Of course they want $895 upfront then a flat fee for every listing. I don't mind paying a referral fee but the upfront fee's do bother me a little. .If the company was as good at creating leads as they say you would think they would just take the referral fee from a closing. Any thoughts opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I broke one of my rules and didn't research these guys enough.  RealeSales or Real esales or topagentconnection.com is a COMPLETE SCAM! You will not receive crap from them over the year and they will not refund you.

  • They took my money last January and I never got one lead

  • YES!  I paid them $899 in May.  Have asked numerous times for them to return my money, even taken a call and they tell me they are "working on it" and they have no intention of returning anything.  They are the WORST company ever.  If you're looking to throw away money (and probably if you need leads, this is not what you want) then buy in, by all means.  But if you hate scammers.... run!

    • I totally agree!  It's been nearly 11 months on 3 zip codes and I have received not 1 lead in a good market for listings.  Total scam!!!

  • I wont use them.  I paid for two different zip codes in january this year 2016 and I have not received anything and I have tried and tried to get a refund with no success.

  • Where are they out of? This sounds like another Team Lear Scam. Did you check the BBB?

  • I signed up with them for a six month subscription on January 8, 2016 after getting many emails from them.  I have received ZERO leads as of today.  I have called several times and have been told the marketing campaigns take a while to work.  I was sent screenshots of the marketing they were doing and they extended my subscription for an additional six months at no cost.  So in in roughly nine and a half months I have received nothing.  I had a modest goal of adding an extra 3-5 transaction through their service.  Now that we have gone through prime buying season in a good local market I can say it was an absolute waste of money. 

    • This is exactly what happened to me. SCAM for sure

  • Never heard of them, name alone is a red flag, and 895.00 tell them no thanks and block them

    • It is Real Esales for Real Estate-Sales. 

      We have the upfront fee because we pay a lot of money to generate leads and we pay staff to work the pipeline. We are virtual assistants. Also, I used to work for REO Industry Directory, I have been in this industry for over 16 years and I started this company so we could connect clients with really good agents and save everyone time and money. It's not for everyone, but I have agents we work with tell me daily how much they love working with us, that makes me feel good. Have a nice day.

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