I was contacted by Altisource/Ocwen some time ago as they needed more REO brokers for an increase in listings (I see they are now getting the properties I used to get from power REO) however the only requests I get are for bpos for $40.00 minus $1 for using the website! I did 1 but found it took far too long as they want previous history on ALL comps. Obviously some brokers are doing these. Just wondering how long it takes to do a report as it seems a lot of work for the fee to me. Also no listings todate.  Valuation vision lite orders are also too time consuming for the fee, and main street property inspections for $20 are not worth doing either as they are more involved than just uploading photos and making comments on condition etc. LPS are also adding extra requirements for uploading mls sheets which is time consuming but no increase in fee. Thoughts?                                                                                                                                          

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        • U R so correct  JUST SAY NO 

        • Please tell me how you can do a good BPO in 15 minutes. With all the info required they take me much, much longer.

          • In neighborhoods that I know like the back of my hand I STILL could never do a BPO in 15 minutes. I'm on # 5001 (guesstimate)  =) n never finished one n 15 min...not even 30 minutes. Probably closer to an hour if everything goes right.  =)

      • Do RENTALS instead!  They pay waaaay more; and they pay waaaay faster!

        • Hi Eloise, I have been doing BPO's for a very long time, can you tell me which companies do rentals

    • Time to change brokers

    • 30% to your broker for bpos?

      • Yep, it was a 70/30 split on everything we did.

        • S T U P I D ------- find another broker.....


        • Sounds like Keller Williams. I used to hang my license there; they got too expensive to stay.

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