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 Has anyone heard of this company or currently doing work for them?  Are they legit?  They contacted me with a listing they can assign me once I get "certified" with them.  The rep said they use their own platform and require agents to take an online certification test before placing any assignments...all for a $300 fee.  A week or so ago I was signing up on some new sites and did sign up with them prompting their call...However, I can't remember now how I learned about them in the first place.  I do BPO's for multiple companies and have never paid a dime, now just getting into REOs, but don't think I should have to pay to get started.


Would love your feedback

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  • Got the call today from 224-365-4516-

    From the asset manager at Banker REO (FootprintsRE). They have upgraded their marketing campaign to

    a questionaire on your business, number of REO's, etc. The approval process took 5 minutes straight

    to asking for my credit card. What a scam. Fraud all the way. BEWARE-

  • Watch this video! Check out the former Banker REO website, which forwarded over to the website at the time this video was made, which has the exact same header and content as  This video WILL provide us with legal evidence to protect US, and will show a tie between the two if we ever need it.  We must stand for something or we'll fall for anything!

  • Look what I Got from footprints...


    February 25, 2013
    Hugo W. Meza
    Dear Mr. Meza:
    This company is the owner/operator of the website and blog. It has been brought to our attention that you have been [posting/making] false and disparaging comments and posts on the Blog as well as others. The statements made by you are false, defamatory, constitute tortuous interference with business, and, as such, are actionable under state and federal law.  You are hereby warned and notified to CEASE and DESIST making false and defamatory statements regarding FootprintsRE, Inc. and its website and blog.
    FootprintsRE., Inc.
    Name: Christina Mourans
    Its: President
    cc: J. David Ballinger, Esq.
    • You Too!  I just got one as well!

      Lets ask them to address the ABOVE questions, since she is ready this forum.

      Christina, if Footprints RE is NOT a scam, please answer the following questions and I'll take back everything.

      1.) Above, Cristy Janas claims that your representative claims you have been in business for over two years.  If that is true, why does the State say you were just registered in November of 2012?

      2.) Why does your website look almost the same as Banker REO?

      3.) Why did this agent over on this forum get an email from you from "Banker REO54" email account if you were NOT recently doing similar business practices as Banker REO?

      Please note that this statements is NOT a "false, defamatory, constitute tortuous interference with business", nor is it even a statement for that matter.  It is just meant to give YOU the chance to clear the air in a public forum. 

      Answer these questions, please...

      I just received an email from FootprintsRE.  The email address it is coming from is Banker-REO54. Not sure if this is the same group or not, but tho…
  • And just so you guys know, on my forum, agents attest that their website is basically exactly the same as Banker REO's site.  They did this before when they were Absolute REO as well.

  • Thank you to everyone who has provided their input.

    Here is an update:

    Last week when I posted the original question here, I also posted on a Group on LinkedIn.  I have not found anyone who has experience with them.  I also checked to see when they registered with the state and the LLC was formed in Nov 2012, so not the 2 years the rep says in his answers below.  At the same time I also sent the rep an email asking lots of questions.  Here is what I asked and his answers so you can form your own opinion. 


    My questions:

    Can you send me a copy of your Master Agreement for REO listings

    Can your platform be used by any other asset managers?  (Like Equator/RESNet)

    Can you provide names of at least 3 agents in Illinois that obtain listings from you

    How long have you been in business?
    Your website lists HSBC, I thought they used Secured Lending Services, NRIES

    How many assets have you assigned in Illinois in the past 6 months?

    Are you affiliated with Bankers REO and Absolute REO?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
    Here are his answers:
    Sorry I was unable to get back to you quicker, but I totally understand you might be a little skeptical about signing up at first. Here at FootPrintsRE we strive to have the best agents so we can produce high results in today's real estate market. I'm going to knock out the questions one by one.
    - We do not have a master servicing agreement. We have a direct link on the bottom of our website to our Terms and Conditions. By signing up with FootprintsRE you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, so there is no need for a MSA.
    - Yes our platform is very similar to ResNet/Equator. It is also a universal platform meaning you can do multiple BPOs directly on our platform.
    - Yes we do have referrals, but you would have to give me until the beginning of next week to get those for you. The reason why I would have to get those referrals to you next week is because as we both know I wouldn't be able to give someone's information out, with out the proper authorization.
    - We have been in business for 2 years now. The first year was more of building connections with banks and lenders. The reason we have HSBC listed on our website is because we provide our clients with direct links to other banks and asset managers.
    - In the past year our top producing agents have listed 40+ listings.
    - We are not affiliated with Bankers Reo I've heard that company's name once before from another client. I don't think I've ever heard of Absolute Reo?


    • A good way to help stop it is the in the words FootPrintsRE Scam a few times on THIS page.  Then, go to Google and type in the word "Footprints RE Scam".  Two things will happen.  First, THIS page will start showing up VERY high on search results for that keyword phrase because that phrase is on this page many times.  THEN, because you typed in that exact phrase several times into the search engines, in the future, as soon as somebody STARTS to type in "FootprintsRE..." to research that company, then Google Autocomplete on searches will have the keyword phrase "FootprintsRE Scam" right at the top! 

      Try it, it works! Just go type in "Footprints RE Scam" a few times into Google and you will be helping to STOP these people!  Also, share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to get the word out.

      Together we can make a difference!

  • Beware of scam!! Rumor has it on my forum that they are jist a reformation of banker reo!!! About to spread the word on this!!!
    • Banker REO Again? When I was reading her post, I was thinking of that company...

  • Ask them to provide you a list of agents they work with and then call them. Verify the fact that they are indeed licensed real estate agent by checking with that state's Real Estate Commission.

    Every few months we see people coming in here asking the same thing. And one pattern I have seen many times over are new companies wanting up front fees in exchange for a listing. Most have proven to be scams. Not saying this one is, ever heard of them before now. My question is why do they have their own unique platform you have to use? Are there not many "platforms" out there proven to work? Why create another new one?


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