Kent Steffes replied to Alicia Lopez's discussion AMERICAN DESTINY
"I have worked for this company for over 10 years. Great company to work for. "
May 6, 2019
Kent Steffes replied to Myesha Davis's discussion Shellpoint Mortgage
"Shellpoint was using 2 different platforms. Great company to work with.
Received several REO's from them. "
Sep 13, 2018
Kent Steffes replied to Louis A. Palmisano Jr.'s discussion Equator REO Elite
"That is not how you receive REO assignments. What a waste of money!"
Apr 16, 2018
Kent Steffes replied to Diane Laino's discussion Mike Costigan
"He is relentless in his attempt to lure agents to pay for his site. He is using the same REO statistics today
he used 10 years ago about REO defaults. The numbers are not there he is stating. Fannie Mae
is not out sourcing REO properties to AMP's as…"
Jan 9, 2017
Kent Steffes replied to Vicki Taylor's discussion Single Source
"They require you to pay for an annual background check. I refused and they deactivated my account.
Check your account status. They were sending a lot of orders. Not for me anymore. LOL.
I am not paying for another background check. "
Jun 1, 2016
Kent Steffes replied to David Boteler's discussion Is anyone having trouble with Hubzu on getting Titles
"We closed on a property in 2014 thru HUBZU with a cloud on Title that we were unaware of as the Sellers Title Company showed it clear. Not. The property has been in litigation
for over 2 years now. The case is now at the California Supreme Court now…"
Feb 1, 2016
Kent Steffes replied to Hugo W Meza's discussion Mike Costigan- Program and info
"Mike Costigan is full of crap!
Money grab$"
Dec 2, 2015
Kent Steffes replied to julio saldana's discussion Clear Capital background check and its $39.50 charge to do so.
"I thought as realtor's we obtained our real estate license to list and sell homes and not
pay $40 for background checks to collect money on a $40 BPO order.
What a waste of time and energy to complete bpo orders for any company that
does not…"
Feb 4, 2015
Kent Steffes commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Home Values at or Near Pre-Recession Highs in 1000+ U.S. Cities…or Are They?
"One of the issues is the current administration in the Whitehouse has mandated and does not want all the foreclosures in area released during his tenure. There is moratorium after moratorium in California to slow the process of foreclosing. Fannie…"
May 13, 2014
Kent Steffes posted a discussion
Hubzu presents as a legit real estate auction site but is actually a rigged sellers only site. When you bid you will be actually bid up mysteriously at the last minute and if you selected auto bid in your bid profile for the property you will be bid…
May 13, 2014
Kent Steffes replied to ATX | BPO Outsourcing & Capture's discussion 7/30 Green River Capital is going nuts with orders-told you so....
"Send your invoices to Joey. He has been pumping GRC for the last couple of months. Yeah they released 4000 BPO's and not paying anyone for their completed work. This company has a long history of not paying brokers for REO repairs bills, expenses,…"
Aug 8, 2013
Kent Steffes replied to Charlene Hammonds's discussion REO companies paying 1.25% commission
"It seems funny, but I would accept 1.25% commission on a property sale rather than
spend 1 hour doing a drive bpo to make $40 after driving to the property and back,
uploading photos and mls sheets, then completing the gaudy long form. LOL."
Apr 29, 2013
Kent Steffes replied to Christy Janas Alwin's discussion FootprintsRE LLC
"Got the call today from 224-365-4516-
From the asset manager at Banker REO (FootprintsRE). They have upgraded their marketing campaign to
a questionaire on your business, number of REO's, etc. The approval process took 5 minutes straight
to asking…"
Feb 27, 2013
Kent Steffes replied to John Hoffman's discussion SO NOW THAT THE FANNIE OUTSOURCERS HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED......
Oct 22, 2012
Kent Steffes replied to John Hoffman's discussion SO NOW THAT THE FANNIE OUTSOURCERS HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED......
"Send me an email. I have the email address for person in charge of Fannie Mae outsourcing at Fannie Mae.
Kent Steffes"
Oct 22, 2012
Kent Steffes posted a discussion
September 17, 2012 • 10:58amThe use of third parties to help Fannie Mae sell its REO properties is coming to an end.Fannie Mae notified remaining vendors that the government-sponsored enterprise will transition all REO sales work completely to…
Sep 19, 2012