• I handle REOs currently and created a website that provides the list of REO companies as well as hours of video training on how I service and acquire REO listings. I only charge $29.99. Even if you just want to do BPOs, it could be worth it. My cell is on the site if you have questions.
  • Steer clear from this guy, he will over promise and under-deliver. I was a part of his REORockstars program several years ago. One of his requirements was to write up a sales letter to asset managers once completed he will personally review edit and offer his suggestions based on his "marketing" expertise to improve it and make it more compelling. I spent several hours crafting a sales letter to asset managers and sent it to him for review, I never heard back from him and that was the end of that. He didn't fulfill his end of the agreement and never delivered. He is full of hot air as far as I am concerned. In fact I will save you the money to enroll in his program. Basically, in addition to writing a sales letter and sending it to these asset managers he suggests that you fly all over the country and drop by the asset manager's office in an attempt to meet with them face to face. Unfortunately, for me that wasn't much of an option as it wasn't necessarily in my budget to spend $1000's on cross country flights.

  • I did fall his hype and bought his system years ago.  He has some info but nothing that we don't already know.  Doubt the 'new' stuff is any new secrets.  If you don't know anything about REO, then it might be worth it to you, but there isn't much REO listings to get any more.  By the same token, if you don't try you'll never know.

  • I didn't want to be so blunt in public, but since it is said I would have to agree.

    He certainly appears to be more concerned with his well being more than others.

  • He is relentless in his attempt to lure agents to pay for his site. He is using the same REO statistics today

    he used 10 years ago about REO defaults. The numbers are not there he is stating. Fannie Mae

    is not out sourcing REO properties to AMP's as he states right now. Mike Costigan is a fraud. Don't waste your money!

    • I agree 100% that Mike is trying to force agents to feed him. Please do not buy his REO propaganda. It is not the same as when he was with Remax years ago.

  • A Very annoying individual is who he is!

  • He has a metholodgy he is trying to sell on how to get REO listings.  

  • Hey Diane, he's a member of REOPro, you can view his profile. Just do a member search.

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