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 Has anyone heard of this company or currently doing work for them?  Are they legit?  They contacted me with a listing they can assign me once I get "certified" with them.  The rep said they use their own platform and require agents to take an online certification test before placing any assignments...all for a $300 fee.  A week or so ago I was signing up on some new sites and did sign up with them prompting their call...However, I can't remember now how I learned about them in the first place.  I do BPO's for multiple companies and have never paid a dime, now just getting into REOs, but don't think I should have to pay to get started.


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  • YES, BIG TIME SCAM, now they have changed names againand are now Reo Pro Corp, they try to deny it, but one of the emails i recceived saying I forgot my password for Reo Pro had Footsprints RE on footer, I called them out and he studdered like crazy. These people need to go to Jail for Fraud

  • WAIT ! Send me the money and I will make you rich!   Sound familiar?

    Do not pay for work unless you have a signed contract guaranteeing some thing in return - Like 2-5-25 REO listings a year. Otherwise DELETE them from your computer.

    Also check or maybe it's .com.

    Remember what yo momma told you: "A fool and her money are soon parted." And, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

    Keep yo $$$ in yo pocket! There ain't no easy ways in real estate.

    NOTE to Christina Mourans - Don't think for one instant that you can scare me with a phony 'cease and desist' letter.

    You ask for money  well just EXACTLY what are you going to give in return? Business is a two way street. Agents get these emails and phone calls EVERYDAY. They al want the same thing, send us your money and we will blankey blank, blanket blank whole bunch of malarkey about IF - IF - we get some business we will send it to you. Why can't you folks work on a small percentage of all this business you claim to have and get paid at closing.? I'll tell you WHY - "you aint got no business". Provide some names and phone numbers of people currently doing business with you. Especially ASSET MANAGERS CONTACT INFO.

    Why - I mean really - why do you have to have money up front?  That's the first tip off that makes the jaundiced eyes get skeptical.

    Ask Mr Ballinger, esq. what this means:  Marvin Shelley, Ll.B

  • Christy stay away from them they got me they told me the same thing and I never received the listings and they didnt pay me for the bpo.

  • Hello, you mentioned that you currently do BPO's. What company? How does one locate these companies and avoid scams like Footprints?

  • Just wanted to give a quick update.  After I started this discussion back in February, I was contacted by Footprints who offered me a "free account".  They assigned me a BPO and since it was in an area where I have done numerous, and very close to my house I went ahead and did it.  I was promised $75 that would be paid the 15th of the next month.  Of course this did not happen.  I contacted them in April and again in May.  Finally at the end of May/beginning of June I did receive my $75.  So, I am not out any money, however, the relationship was nothing I had been promised.  I never received any other solicitations for BPOs or REO listings.  I emailed the representative that signed me up a few days ago and I have not received a response.  So I hope no one is out any money with this company!!!!

  • I am very thankful for this site and the agents that participate in these discussions. FootPrintsRE has been e-mailing and calling me non stop. I finally spoke with them and told them I was researching them, but, the calls are still coming.

    One think that I have learnt over the years, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

    I appreciate all of your comments and thank you for the warnings. Thank you Mike Linkenauger for taking a stand and protecting all of us.



    • I got the call as well this morning. I immediately while on the phone with "Mike" went to REOPRO and started looking them up. Thanks to all of you! I love this website and it is so great that we have each others backs. I fell for AbsoluteReo but now I come here before I do anything. After I told "Mike" that I did not have the money today he said he would have to keep looking for an agent in my area. He said he would call back if he couldn't find one. I am going to call my local MLS and let them know so they can post something. Thanks again!! You all ROCK

  • I just got another email from them. They have been trying to get my money for years. Luckily for me, there are forums like this that have saved me thousands.      This is my reply to them:

    according to experienced REO agents across the country who share information on many forums to help and protect one another, you are a thief, stealing money from new, inexperienced, unsuspecting agents who think they can pay for listings and listing referrals

    You should be ashamed that you take peoples money who work very hard  , for your own benefit for doing nothing.

    I hope one day you get your just rewards.



    • Be careful Sally!  Paul will threaten to sue you for slander  :)  
      I don't think they have a conscience, so they can't know shame.  
      Continue to warn others about these frauds.



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