Wayne Gebhardt replied to Melissa Schildtknecht's discussion RES.NET - Is it worth it?
"Some of my Wells fargo PAS assetss were switched to a service that uses Res.net so I would be curious if any one is getting REO's through Res.net in 2016 thus far too. I am hesitate to pay as well."
Mar 18, 2016
Wayne Gebhardt commented on Wayne Gebhardt's blog post REO PAS agent with Wells Fargo What has happened??????
"@Cece ..very few... and they could be from two years ago.  I have one that I have been managing for two years and just getting ready to get the ok hopefully this month to finally list. I have spoken to all the REO PAS agents here, they have no…"
Feb 12, 2016
Wayne Gebhardt posted a blog post
hello out there.  I have been a PAS agent that is a Wells Fargo agent and received many listings over the years especially here in South Florida which still is one of the top states for foreclosures.  I know the REO market is not what it use to be…
Feb 12, 2016
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Wayne Gebhardt's discussion Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Any thoughts... they are getting wells Fargo REO's as of 12/1/2015
"I just don't know if it is worth it to pay the $700 annual fee in hopes of getting the if any transferred Wells fargo REO's... Any thoughts?"
Nov 13, 2015
Wayne Gebhardt posted a discussion
I understand some of Wells Fargo REO's properties are being transferred to Specialized Loan Servicing LLC in December and I was wondering if any agent or brokers have worked with them and what platform they are using to hopefully keep what I do have…
Nov 13, 2015
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Tom Rineberg's discussion Altisource/Ocwen REO Agent
"I worked with them from 2004 through 2010 then they change to the one broker covering each entire state and then using outsourcing from India to handle their transaction and everything going through HUBZU and their title company Premier title in…"
Jul 25, 2014
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Jose Rivas (DGRA) CDPE, SFR's discussion HUD listing agents
"I have beed turned down by BLB for AZ when the new HUD contract came up, I have the same comany in FL Homesaver Real estate and looking to get the contract here.  I am a Wells Fargo PAS agent right now and would like to stay abreast of HUD and…"
Jul 14, 2014
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Scott da Rosa's discussion Cash for keys with OCWEN
"They will reject any short sale that you try to do unless you agree to let them handle it and use their on line platform of hubzu.  They also will not pay you a full commission I think it is only 1% I could be wrong but in any event i know it is not…"
Jun 23, 2014
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Scott da Rosa's discussion Cash for keys with OCWEN
"Ocwen / Altisource/ Hubzu all own by same entity will only pay $1500 max cash for keys.

Hope that helps,  As with everything/else they do they pay the least for or to anyone in the industry or homeowner.

Homesaver Real Estate"
Jun 23, 2014
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Dustin McQuate's discussion PAS/ Wells Fargo
"Where are you located?  I am in Port St lucie Fl and Have three currently and just about to spend the $200 for the Training course required again.  I do know there are tons of Wells Fargo foreclosed own homes here in my area so hopefully this will…"
Dec 13, 2013
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Wayne Gebhardt's discussion Wells Fargo and PAS agent requirement

Premier Asset is their servicing company, kept Appling and received same as you, “not at this time are we accepting agents.”  So don’t give up."
Jul 23, 2013
Wayne Gebhardt posted a discussion
I was recently accepted into Wells Fargo as a PAS agent which is a requirement to get Assets through Wells.  Now in order to be activated in Wells PAS system to receive assets you must pay to use their I-Agent platform in which everything is done. …
Jul 23, 2013
Wayne Gebhardt replied to Charlene Hammonds's discussion REO companies paying 1.25% commission
What area are you in that you received a altisource listing? 
I recently had a short Sale executed contract with Ocwen the Lender. They would not accept and they made me go through their auction at Hubuz and allow altisource to negotiate…"
Jul 11, 2013
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Is Fannie Mae home path the only one that requires employees as a requirement to become a listing agent and how many? Wayne
Jun 14, 2013
Wayne Gebhardt posted a discussion
Which if any will give me more for the buck for REO leads? WayneHomesaver Real Estate
Jun 5, 2013
Wayne Gebhardt posted a discussion
 What is your opinion out there on having to join Res.net and equator upgrades?  I am currently and have been a member of both but the free one.  With all the foreclosures that are in my area of Port St Lucie Fl.  I was wondering if it would help…
May 31, 2013