Cash for keys with OCWEN

Hi. Can anyone tell me what the average Cash For Keys amount is in Southern California that's being offered by OCWEN?I'm trying to assist a neighbor with her foreclosure and want to give her a general idea of what she might be offered.When I did cash for keys with OneWest the amounts I could offer went as high as $8000.00. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Scott

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  • Wow! Thank you for the info. I thought they would have at least offered $3k as they did for her for relocation assistance when she tried to short sale. She could do the SS because of a second lien from city redevelopment money who aren't allowed to take settlements.
    • They will reject any short sale that you try to do unless you agree to let them handle it and use their on line platform of hubzu.  They also will not pay you a full commission I think it is only 1% I could be wrong but in any event i know it is not much.

      • They did approve the short sale with relocation assistance.  But the second lien was a Redevelopement Agency loan for a remodel.   That agency has since been shut down and the cities that manage collecting those funds are not allow to take a settlement offer.  In this case $8500.00 was offered against $50k.   So, therefore the short sale couldn't close.

        Anyway, its been two years since last payment was made.  So, I'm trying to expedite the Notice of Default and Foreclosure to take place this year so she can be protected by the Debt Forgiveness Act.   But I was hoping she would at least be offered $3k by OCWEN once occupancy has been established after the foreclosure.

        I truly appreciate your feedback.

  • Ocwen / Altisource/ Hubzu all own by same entity will only pay $1500 max cash for keys.

    Hope that helps,  As with everything/else they do they pay the least for or to anyone in the industry or homeowner.


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