I understand some of Wells Fargo REO's properties are being transferred to Specialized Loan Servicing LLC in December and I was wondering if any agent or brokers have worked with them and what platform they are using to hopefully keep what I do have and get a board with them?

Any help or contacts for their REO department would be a great help.

Thank you

Wayne Homesaver Real Estate LLC

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  • Hi Debbie, I handl SAM REOs and I have been trying to get some Wells REOs. Would you check with your contact if the transfer will be NJ? I'd really appreciate it
  • I just don't know if it is worth it to pay the $700 annual fee in hopes of getting the if any transferred Wells fargo REO's... Any thoughts?

    • I am not going to pay the $700 for res.net.  I looked into it and since REO properties are down in my area I have decided not to pay that amount of money.  I spoke to a Wells Fargo person and they only have a handful of REO in Texas.  If and when the market changes, I may think differently.  For now, I am back to homeowner listings -- they don't cost anything !!!

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