Wells Fargo and PAS agent requirement

I was recently accepted into Wells Fargo as a PAS agent which is a requirement to get Assets through Wells.  Now in order to be activated in Wells PAS system to receive assets you must pay to use their I-Agent platform in which everything is done.  I have no problem paying but like everything else going on I hate being nickeled and dimed for something that is not going to lead to any assets.


Does anyone else know or are a PAS agent and receive assets through Wells?  Is this I-Agent fee of $349.00 worth it and does it pretty much guarantee me assets from Wells since it is so hard to get into them.  I do not want to pass the opportunity up.



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  • Hi Wayne,

    May I ask how you got accepted into PAS? I thought they found their agents through I Aspen but apparently not, at least not all of the time.


      Premier Asset is their servicing company, kept Appling and received same as you, “not at this time are we accepting agents.”  So don’t give up.

      • Thanks, real cool, congrats!

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