• ORT pays 45 ext/ 65 int. in the Phoenix metro area.

  • There is an agent link email address in their orders.  Simply reply to that and let them know what your fee is.  I get them all the time and don't do anything for $30.

  • I no longer do any for them, I truly find it offensive even getting a $30 solicitation. My usual response it to the person calling is to ask their dad to works for what amounts to $8 an hour after expenses. 

    • I don't waste my time with companies that pay that little.

  • I use to do a lot for Old Republic then they cut their fees to $40 now they are coming through @ $30.  I do not accept any BPO for less than $50.  My time and work is worth even more than $50 but I feel that is fair for local BPO's.  I no longer go out of town either.  

    • I do not do anything for less then $100 unless I'm already going to be in the neighborhood, then I might consider  something less, depending on the turn time. However have been transitioning everyone up to $125.00 for basic drive-by with minimum of 7 day turn time, and that may go up for 2017.

      • Are you in an urban, suburban, or rural area?  What state?  Can you say what companies are accepting your terms?   Especially the 7 day turn.  You can send me info. 

        • I am in a very rural area but, any company that has to call or reach out to you direct because they can't place it will pay a whole lot more, as well as give you more time.   Pro-Teck, e-mortgage, Servicelink or what ever this weeks name is, clear Capital, single source, etc.  I have 29+ years in the business and at $125 they are still getting a steal.

  • I see this is an old blog . However it's 2016 and they still underpay agents at 30.00.
    I refuse to take a BPO at this price and have tried to negotiate but can't seem to reach a live person . Every haven seems directed to an email for everything . If anyone has a direct contact that be great .
    • I click on the email address of the assigning employee especially on a Friday.  I got 2 exteriors at $65 and one at $50 last week.  

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