Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Adam Zagel's discussion NREOB
"I was with them for the last 2 years and did not see anything. I received an e-mail from them yesterday to fill out a new MSA as the one I had just expired. Will use the weekend to fill that out and be ready for the 2011 onslaught of REO !!!"
Apr 22, 2011
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Meir Benzaquen's discussion Any feedback on PCV/MURCOR
"I have been with PCV Murcor for 18 months. One of the better BPO companies out there. They always pay on time and now offer direct deposit for your checks. The forms are easy to work with. You can add your own comments or use their comments to descr…"
Feb 20, 2011
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Elma Shipp,CDPE's discussion 5280 Asset Management,Denver, Colorado
"I received the invitation e-mail from them today. Reading it, I began laughing when I see they are charging $65.00 for doing BPO's.  It's bad enough companies are charging big fees to join their network for REO. Now it is trickling down to BPO work.…"
Jan 25, 2011
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Brent Wilk, SFR, 5 Star's discussion Specialized Asset Management (SAM)
"Keep working the BPOs. They do assign REO work to those BPO agents."
Nov 5, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Gail Jackson's discussion Excellen REO
"Nothing here in Florida at this time Gail."
Nov 5, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Edgar Levin's discussion Evaluation Solutions a.k.a. Evalonline
"They are the worst. I have stopped doing business with them once I was paid in full. It took well over 7 months to get my monies. They still continue to call and e-mail for orders due the next day at 2PM. GET REAL !!! They had a good agent working w…"
May 16, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Lee Schmidt's discussion Lamco REO
"I have been with them since AUG 09 and have not heard a word from them. Should no action come forth before the year is over, I will not be renewing with them."
May 16, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Johnny Huang's discussion MMREM-Matt Martin Real Estate Management
"Has anybody taken the training classes?"
Mar 9, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Sima Saboury's discussion REO or BPO
"Sima... You will have to start doing BPOs to get your foot in the REO business. I bet 99% of us on this board all started by doing BPOs for awhile before we saw our first REO business. Give quality evaulations and have them turned in time to your cl…"
Mar 9, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Cindy Billman, CDPE, SFR, HAFA's discussion REO/BPO COMPANIES THAT DON'T PAY
"Mike and John.. Eval Solutions really does suck when it comes paying the agents. I have since stopped doing business with them ever since I had to go after my money. Their ridiculous 1 day turnarounds for an assignment are assinine. I guess they wan…"
Mar 9, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Nate Gross's discussion I went from 0 BPO 0 REO in 2009 to runnning a team that does over 200 BPO's a month and have gotten 62 REO listings Im not selling anything, im sharing information, and would like you too also
"Thanks for the share Nate. Look forward to more updates from you in this section."
Feb 26, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Judith Truitt's discussion R & D Properties?
"Judith... I look at it this way. It will take 1 BPO from them to cover the donation of $25.00 plus you walk away with a little profit from the first BPO. Sounds good to me. I think I will join. Sounds from this board that they are a legit company."
Feb 25, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Agent says No Thank You to REOPro Lead.
"Jesse... Guarantee this will not happen should you have something in Florida marked for me !!! Keep up the great job with this site. It is AWESOME !!!"
Feb 24, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Suzanne's discussion ARE BPO ORDERS COMING IN SLOW FOR YOU TOO?
"Staying busy in Florida with BPOs and Titanium. This week I am down 5 BPOs from last week. First down week I can recall in a long time for BPOs. See what next week brings for activity."
Feb 19, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to Jimmy D Moore, Lic RE Broker's discussion LAMCO & Safehaus: To Renew or Not to Renew?
"Ditto. I have been with LAMCO now for 4 months and have not received anything other than their newsletters. 8 months left for me to see action from them or else I will be a goner !!!"
Feb 19, 2010
Anthony Cruz Jr. replied to David L. Hennigan's discussion Coast 2 Coast REO
"I received the same e-mail yesterday for the first time. After seeing the responses on this board, I have decided to pass on them. Thank you all for sharing."
Feb 19, 2010