MMREM-Matt Martin Real Estate Management

Anyone who is a NABPOP member should have gotten an email about this company. Can anyone share their thoughts about this organization?


From what I gather, and per their website, the company, "was awarded a teaming contract with the of the largest Government Sponsored Enterprise in the US."

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  • I'm not a member of NABPOP, but I've signed on their website. Did anyone had a chance to call them. I've called them many times without any answers. Let's see if anyone have a better experience with them.
    • Has anybody taken the training classes?
      • The training classes on the site is a simple review on what they expect from the agents. Nothing new, but refresher on some things for me.
        • Hi Johnny, I noticed that you completed a BPO for ABSReo. Well, I received one from them and it is a "manual -- handwritten" form. Is this the same from that you received? It said it is a Fannie Mae Form and it does not ask for the "Sales Price" of the Sold Comps!! This is terrible!!!
        • What Letter of Recommendation are they looking for?
          • Am not sure--- I asked one of my "wells" lenders to write me up.....Any body have any other ideas.....
  • I signed up too.
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