Adam Zagel replied to jeffrey wilkerson's discussion RREVIEW
"I received two exclusives on Tuesday that I accepted but rarely get any of the broadcast bpos. I've noticed a slight increase in my orders for the Portland Oregon Metro market."
Aug 5, 2021
Adam Zagel replied to Adam Zagel's discussion BPO volume Increase and who originated the loan. Any guesses?
"Lindsay are the orders asking for REO comps or normal market value?"
Jan 19, 2021
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
I am a BPO agent first and REO second, I have noticed an uptick in BPO orders sent to me. (Many I don't accept). Has anyone also noticed an increase in BPO volume?I started looking into where the increased orders could be coming from on the…
Jan 15, 2021
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May 28, 2020
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
Received this morning and would like to see if anyone is getting any orders Or REO's from this company.I have had one order in the past 6 months from them and four or five requests that they placed with another agent. Vendor RegistrationAs our panel…
Feb 17, 2017
Adam Zagel replied to Monica Bazan's discussion How to get a Clear Capital BPO order?
"I am one of Clear Capitals preferred commercial agent valuators in the PDX metro region.  I have gotten many single family orders sent to me to accept but the orders seem to be out a good distance from where I am located and for $50 not worth my…"
Dec 5, 2016
Adam Zagel replied to Lisa LeQuire's discussion Fleetwood Partners?
"Received a call again from this company wanting me to do a bpo on the exact address they called me before.  The first caller hung up the phone after going back and forth why should I pay upfront for a BPO.  Second caller today basically was stumped…"
Dec 5, 2016
Adam Zagel replied to CECILIA D FOX's discussion Altisource vs Equator
"I have about 12 paid zip codes and have paid for the elite program.  Received 1 listing within about 3 months of signing up plus the wonderful 35% referral fee of a 2% commission.  I have sent in 5 interested in the listing and received 2  more…"
Oct 6, 2016
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
The City of Portland is tired of Banks not foreclosing on homes and letting them fall into disrepair, squatters and some burn down.  Now the city is looking to enact new city ordinances that will allow the city to Foreclose on homes before the bank…
Jun 16, 2016
Adam Zagel replied to Kevin Hill's discussion Anyone Getting Listings in 2016 As A Result of Signing Up as a Premium Agent on Equator?
"I just started paying for a number of zip codes and within about 60 days received an REO from a new bank.  I will continue to pay for these for one year to see what happens. "
Jun 6, 2016
Adam Zagel replied to Mary Alice Heimerl's discussion REO agent
"Need to go out and find or meet asset managers. I know that one of my Banks decided to send all assets to AMC as of the end of the month.  Now I have an opportunity to go to a national conference sponsored by one of the new AMC's I have NO…"
Feb 10, 2016
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
I had to get back on this year due to one of my clients sent an REO to me.  That's great but my question is has anyone had any success advertising with the Banner Ads per zip code?I was going to do two zip codes I know that still have a…
Jan 7, 2016
Adam Zagel replied to Christine Frank Fuentes's discussion Contacting homeowners off the BPO valuation solicitations?
"I would add that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act has some restriction on this.  I tried a 2 postcard system to a former HSBC bpo I worked and was the preferred agent in Portland.  The postcard really didn't work as many of the owners had already given up…"
Sep 24, 2015
Adam Zagel replied to Bayo Oshinnaiye's discussion Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?
"I just received the same call from Team Lear.  He didn't say anything about paying until I was able to look up information on this forum to see it was fraud.  So when I asked him mid sentence he said it was refundable after listing.  I asked him…"
Apr 29, 2015
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
I know USDA lending is a small part of the loan market but my contacts and new assignments with this group are now going straight to auction.  They are marketed for 30 days on and then auctioned off every week for 8 weeks.  The price is…
Dec 2, 2014
Adam Zagel posted a discussion
I just received a phone call from 302-504-6693. They claimed to have an reo for me and was going to place the property with me. They also claim there is no fee.  We shall see.  Anyone else receive a call from this phone number recently?
Nov 19, 2014