Altisource vs Equator

Are BPOs still being assigned through Altisource or are they pushing through Equator? Or both. Is the Equator Elite program doing anything for anyone?

What about listings? Altisource vs Equator? Just wondering how the acquisition is affecting how the business is coming through.

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  • I have about 12 paid zip codes and have paid for the elite program.  Received 1 listing within about 3 months of signing up plus the wonderful 35% referral fee of a 2% commission.  I have sent in 5 interested in the listing and received 2  more reo's via the REO notifications.  Although I do a bunch of background of the REO notifications before reaching to a couple of my assignors.  Can I say it's now all about relationships and how quick you respond to the asset manager and or assignor of REO's.

  • I signed up and paid for a month of Agent Elite, Im thinking like everything else its not worth paying for...  I have received 3 REO notifications and havent gotten any of the listings.

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