• Just got a call as well, he loved the amount of experience I had, offered me a property. I knew exactly where it was, really nice area & house. As he was selling me (very scripted) on how wonderful this opportunity to work with them was I was googling the company & the local Register of Deeds an no paperwork had been file for a foreclosure AND the owner had a 2nd mortgage recorded 3 weeks ago. I asked how they got a second mortgage approved IF they were in default on their first mortgage? The should have unacceptable credit for a new mortgage. BUSTED! I am in a large market area where the REO market has really declined, I asked why they did not already have agents in this market already. Why do these people think we are so stupid? Don't pay for REO or BPO business upfront, it is always a scam!

  • This sounds very much like the Lear Capital scam that was going around about a year ago, they charged us an upfront fee for their "platform", which, after paying thousands annually for Equator,, Dispo, etc. didn't sound entirely far-fetched.  Until they sent me 3 "assets" with  BPO tasks, and when I did public records search, found they were pre-foreclosure (this was not disclosed up front).  So, there is no way to know who would actually be in control of the disposition at this point, and 3rd party BPOs are illegal in my state.  Suffice it to say, after 2 decades in the business, I felt like a real heel.  I just got a call from these guys, and when I returned the call, the voicemail was a female (caller that had left me a message was male), and frankly, the first thing I thought was "probably not legit", so here I am.  I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the EXACT SAME company, setting up a new shell after reading some comments.  Do your due diligence!!

  • I just received a call from Nick Harper from Fleetwood...SCAM...He stated I was referred to him by one of his 'clients'.  I listened to the sales pitch and told him I was out in the field and that I would be back later in the day so that I could look up this company.  He said I needed to hurry because this is on a first come first serve basis...Wait a minute you said I was referred you can't wait a few hours?  He stammered when I asked him which client referred me he rambled off a could names and said it could be any of them.  I asked, so Fleetwood is an asset company and owns their own REO platform?  He said yes.  Thank you all for the posts very helpful for me to confirm this is a $399 for 2 years.. SCAM...Stay away!  

  • I received a call from Nick Harper from Fleetwood and after a short discussion he asked me for my credit card info, just like everyone else. He was promising me 5 listings right away.  I said that I needed to do some research about his company and I would get back to him. He sent me an email with some generic attachments. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. SCAM!

    SampleBPO For agents FWP (3).pdf

    BPORequirments (1) (2).pdf

    1.ScopeOfServicesDocumentOverview (1) (2).pdf

  • Hello all, I just received the same call today from Fleetwood Partners.  They offered listing assignments, but they were goint to start by giving me a BPO.  Everything sounded so true that I almost felt for it, as you all know, we all want listing assignments.  The redflag rose when the gentlemen mentioned that he was going to transfer me to his manager to get all my information and get me signed up.  I asked the person if his manager was going to ask me for personal information or credit card information, his answer was yes.  Long story short, I said to them that I was not going to give out any personal information over the phone without searching this company first.  The sales person said to me, "ok fine, but remember that I will continue to search for other qualified agents in the área to assign these properties to since this is something that we need done ASAP".  Another red flag.  Now I am reading all your comments and see that this is another scam.  Thank you all for your comments on your experience, they really help.

  • They just called me as well.  A John Karas was the rep.  Needless to say (after already being stung by IREO) I declined.  They couldn't name any of their clients as well.

    • Hi Brenda what's IREO?

  • Ahhh! Hello everyone. I just received a call from "Derrick Miller". And my interview w/ him was unconventional and awkward. He gave me the typical pitch of he has a listing and wants a BPO done and I would need to pay $399 for signing up to his portal.

    REO companies do not charge any fees. This company is bogus and just out there to screw more agents. Originally! there was another company and the guy's name a Rocco,ABS something. Now its these shit heads. What doesn't make sense to me is that these A-holes spend aloof time coming up with how to create scams and rip people off. Why not use your talents for something worth while and add to society positively.

  • I am so glad that I googled this company before I gave them a credit card. I know I should know better, but I was busy and the guy on the phone was a fast talker! I am in Florida and the address he gave me was in my area. He said it was a preforeclosure, but was being listed by the bank??? This sounds like a scam.

  • I just received a call from John @ Fleetwood Partners offering me a similar deal. Drive by exterior but has to be on their platform which cost $399/year. I asked for references which have not been provided.  This sure does not feel right.

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