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I had to get back on this year due to one of my clients sent an REO to me.  That's great but my question is has anyone had any success advertising with the Banner Ads per zip code?

I was going to do two zip codes I know that still have a bunch of bank owned homes left in them for three months to see what happens. 


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  • The banner ads are not worth your time or money.  I would definitely pass on paying for them.  I don't know anyone who has really had success from them.

  • I am learning the past companies that keep calling you to send them money to sign up  are the ones  trying to also revamp themselves to the market..  don't waste your money

  • Not sure about the banner ads, but I consistently close 7-10 deals a year with It's never been a waste of money for me.
  • Don't waste your money absolute garbage
  • I also kept it up for one and a half years and had absolutely no success and not one REO lead I did however receive several $10-$20 BPO request that I promptly turned down as a waste of time and money.

  • I tried to get out of the system having regretted paying the $700 and time spent getting certified for nothing. They don't allow refunds or cancellations so I tried the banner ad thinking I might as well try to make the best of it. Still nothing. I just canceled Equator. Anyone know how to cancel

    • Yep. You won't get your money back and you'll have to just ride this year out. 

      For what its worth, I'd recommend signing up with SingleSource REO and Phoenix AM. Might as well try to direct some asset managers to your account before it expires. Maybe at least let it pay for itself and then some.

      • I will try that. Good idea. Thank you. 

    • Disconnect auto-renew. Just take your crrdit card number out. 

      • any way to get the $700 I spent back? I have just sent a note to someone that the live chat suggested I contact to plead for my money back. We will see. Thanks for your reply. I will try that as well. 

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