Seth Nadreau replied to Kristine LaDue-Klink's discussion Appraisal Nighmares
"Oh... and appraiser's use THIS definition of Market Value from Fannie Mae:
Market value is the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller,…"
Dec 1, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Kristine LaDue-Klink's discussion Appraisal Nighmares
"To your point, buyer's and sellers do set the price... but when the buyer is borrowing a large sum of money and using the equity in the home to secure the loan, the bank is going to cover it's ass... period.I'm going to be brutally honest here. 99%…"
Dec 1, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Monica Bazan's discussion How to get a Clear Capital BPO order?
"I love Clear Capital and they pay QUICKLY.

I don't remember much about the BPO side as I could either BPOs or Appraisals but not both... and I chose to grown my appraisal business.You may want to consider expanding your area if you can. Other than…"
Dec 1, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Regina A. Martin's discussion I need leads for commercial BPO (interior and exterior) orders.
"https://www.exceleras.comJust did 5 commercial BPOs here in Fort Myers. The form sucks (as even the commercial form is designed for residential properties), but they only require 3 pics for a drive by and as long as comps are available, it should…"
Oct 7, 2016
Seth Nadreau posted a discussion
Fannie Mae has opened up some territories that they are looking for agents in. Here is their location needs and directions to apply. Good…
Sep 7, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to CECILIA D FOX's discussion Rental Data sources?
"When you have limited rental data, you might have luck contacting a local realtor that does property management work or (God forbid) Craigslist ads. As much as CL sucks from a real estate standpoint, there are usually enough single family homes…"
Aug 23, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to GEORGE MALDONIS's discussion Overpricing REO's
"Get used to it. This seems to be the new normal. Banks get 2 BPOs, your BPO and an appraisal and then price the property at 115% of the highest value. Many are trying to hit the 90 day value... many more just don't care... and in some instances,…"
Aug 23, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Herman L Dawson's discussion Stewart Valuation Services, LLC
"I'm not familiar with Stewart, but the request for samples really isn't all that uncommon. As an appraiser, I send would-be clients samples all the time. With all the redactions, I can hardly see the benefit to the client, but they get 'em.I block…"
Apr 25, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to William Barnes's discussion 100% Real Estate commission companies, are they as good as they sound?
"I work for a 100% firm. The monthly fee is a bit high (or would be, had I not had an existing relationship with my broker) and we charge $349 per side at closing which can be a bit hard to chase from a first time buyer with minimal resources (I eat…"
Apr 25, 2016
"At the risk of being the guy that says it, I think in this industry now there are so few companies still existing and operating that a master list may be useless the day its published.Regardless, I think the best way to build a list would be to…"
Apr 18, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to David Eisenstein's discussion bpofulfillment
"I've never had a problem getting paid and I get maybe 30-50 solicitations from them weekly (mostly for Green River Capital), but to be honest, their forms are QUITE time consuming and like Sam said... photos are plentiful and painful (due to size…"
Mar 9, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Seth Nadreau's discussion DispoSolutions premium membership
"Good to know.I'm rocking through a handful of BPOs for Summit at the moment and was wondering if any company still used the portal for REOs. I guess they do.
Feb 9, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Seth Nadreau's discussion DispoSolutions premium membership
"Nothing in regards to listings... but I've still managed to pick up some more residential and commercial BPOs. The portal more than pays for itself, but I don't really want to be a BPO guy..."
Feb 5, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to James Mathieu's discussion Resnet
"I've got a account and I don't mind the fee as one sale a year pays for it (with plenty left over). There are many smaller asset management companies that use it. I don't do nearly the business that I used to with it, but it's still usable…"
Jan 25, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Michael VDovick's discussion Bankruptcy Listing Service - National Bankruptcy Broker Network (NBBN) - BK Global
"True. I probably should have clarified a bit... but I figured most of us know how to tell the difference between an asset manager and a salesman. ;-)"
Jan 23, 2016
Seth Nadreau replied to Gary Wilson's discussion Selene Finance
"I've gotten 2 listings with Selene last year. They pulled the first one from me within 2 weeks as they sold/transferred it in bulk with another 20-30 Florida properties. They were kind enough to send a very nice email and included the name and…"
Jan 23, 2016