Gary Wilson replied to Bill Barbee's discussion Alta Residential Solutions.
"Any update on these guys?  There isn't much info available but it looks like some folks from Green River work there now.  I just got a listing from Alta but I feel a little nervous about them since the last deal I had with Green River was a…"
Aug 15, 2017
Gary Wilson replied to Martin Rowe's discussion Selene Finance
"I just had an asset from them and all went well.  They are a little slow in reimbursements but their AM was great to work with."
May 29, 2016
Gary Wilson replied to Herman L Dawson's discussion Stewart Valuation Services, LLC
"I also received a solicitation from them.  As a little background, I have been listing REO for PMH, now Stewart, for about five years although the volume has dropped off significantly since the buyout of PMH.  I have had a good working relationship…"
Apr 29, 2016
Gary Wilson replied to Alan Fenn's discussion The Most Used Transaction Management Platform By Foreclosure Agents
"All my clients use either their own platforms or subscribe to a platform.  Using another platform in addition to the clients platform seems redundant.  What am I missing?"
Feb 3, 2016
Gary Wilson replied to Gary Wilson's discussion Selene Finance
"Thank you all for your feedback.  I feel pretty good about taking them on as a client now. "
Jan 25, 2016
Gary Wilson posted a discussion
Does anyone have any experience working with Selene Finance?  How are they for expense reimbursements?  How are they to work with?
Jan 22, 2016
Gary Wilson replied to Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's discussion REOPro Makes the Agent the AMC
"Jesse, I am very interested in working with you in this new program and will assist any way that I can.  I have found that most small local banks and credit unions work with a preferred agent who has a connection to the bank like being a long time…"
May 2, 2013
Gary Wilson replied to Irfan Moten A-REO, SFR's discussion Value Vision
"No payment yet for a bpo's done in December, January.  Just moved this company to my do not use list."
Apr 19, 2013
Gary Wilson replied to Brent Wilk, SFR, 5 Star's discussion Margrave Acquisitions???
"I received the same email yesterday, thought it was a phishing scam."
Mar 8, 2013
Gary Wilson replied to Sally H May's discussion Ocwen purchased Homeward Residential formerly Power REO
"I also listed REO for AHMSI and Power but haven't seen anything from them for about a year.  They were one of my best steady clients so I really hate to see them go over to the dark side.  I didn't know about the conference call.  What was said?"
Jan 18, 2013
Gary Wilson replied to Jeannie Proffitt's discussion Res.Net banner ads - Yea or Nay?
"Same here, six months with banner ads and no results."
Mar 6, 2012
Gary Wilson replied to Shawn Doran's discussion LAMCONetwork
"Think about it.  Do you actually think that other AMC's will use a competitor's website (LAMCO) to source for listing agents?"
Mar 28, 2011
Gary Wilson replied to Tara Nagelhout's discussion BPO orders from Equator.
"I have received lots of them.  Once a couple weeks ago, I received the same order 25 times.  But they are always taken when I try to accept.  I have never been able to snag one even if I am logged in and try to accept when the email hits.  I don't…"
Jan 31, 2011
Gary Wilson replied to Tony Rosales's discussion Happy New Year!!
"Yea, happy new year.  I just received a listing assignment at 4:00 PM today with my occupancy tasks due tomorrow!!  Can you believe it?  I know, I should be grateful for the business but sheesh....  I'll be thinking of all you guys sleeping off your…"
Dec 31, 2010
Gary Wilson replied to Linda McKissick's discussion List your favorite Asset Management companies you work for!
"I agree with you Linda.  PowerREO is my favorite client as well.  I have been with them for a long time like working with their AM's who all seem to be very nice.  As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I haven't met anyone yet who is from…"
Dec 30, 2010
Gary Wilson replied to Dr. Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion Venting TIME!
"I agree.   But on the other hand, it is very annoying when agents pester you with questions like; when will the addendums get here or when will the seller respond to my offer?  I tell all my selling agents up front that I will pass these things on…"
Dec 13, 2010