• I have had a listing assigned to me since June that was just transferred to Alta. They have requested full rehab bids from contractors from roof to specific interior products to use. I hate to waste anyone's time if they do not make repairs and just want to know the costs.

    • I just closed one with Alta, they were pretty good to work with, they most likely will repair the property.  I have nothing but good things to say, the AM was always answered the phone, the repair coordinator I worked with was awesome!

  • Alta Residential works directly thru and assigns on Pyramid. I have done work for them in the past and they're great to work with : )

  • I am finding employees on LinkedIn but not a website yet. It does look like their employees are from Green River (asset/bpo company) and they work in Salt Lake City.  Alta had a rep at the REOMAC conference last March by the name of Laura Ferris. That was as far as I could get with my search. 

  • Here I found a site:

    • Alta Residential Services is a different company. 

  • I've sold 2 of their REO listings. Pretty good communication. Reimbursements were prompt. No issues.

    • Do you  happen to have a working website for them? I have looked all over but cannot seem to find their website


      • I do not. They called me to take over a listing from another REO agent and I worked with them through the Pyramid Platform.

      • I tried the link as well, it does not work. 

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