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I've been completing BPO's and teaching a class on how to complete BPO's and CMA's for more years than I care to reveal and have never had a late assignment for any vendor. I received an invitation to join, Stewart Valuation Services, LLC. Then, I was asked to complete a lengthy application and provide copies of my RE license, E&O Insurance W9, Etcetera, I complied. Then I was asked to complete a background check. They would not accept previously completed background checks. I complied and paid $44.00 for another background check. Then, I was asked to provide (3) BPO company references along with their phone number and contact information. They actually contacted each of my references.  Now they want three copies of BPO's completed in the past 3-6 months. This is where the shit hit the fan. I responded with:  I complete BPO's for numerous clients; this information is private and should not be disclosed to the Subject and/or any third party. You should know this; yet you're asking me to violate my fiduciary responsibility to my clients, by providing you a copy of their completed reports. Please read your own confidentiality statement regarding BPO's.  If you are so skeptical about the quality of my work; give me a BPO to complete? This would answer all your questions regarding my experience. How about looking me up on the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP); I've been certified on their list for years. Is anyone familiar with Stewart Valuation Services, LLC; I'm familiar with Stewart Title, but, never heard of Stewart Valuation Services? Has anyone ever completed BPO's for this company? Do they pay? and How much do they pay?  I can't seem to get any information form them until after their screening process. I've literally told them to take a hike. Please comment? Does anyone have a relationship with this company? 

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  • I truly cannot believe that some of you are doing BPO's for $17. I don't walk out my door for less than $50. I do good work and they are going to pay me what I am worth. I also get $125 for interior and $70 for vacant lots. Wake up people Banks are who have caused the financial disaster that we are in now. Stick it to them.

    • There's no need to denigrate people. And then brag. And then say to stick it to banks. 

  • they did mine for free..

  • I signed up with them.  They did not require me to do a background check.

    • This is Stewart's explanation of why you might not have been required

      1) you already had a REVVA background check through Sterling that they could access which is how this check was intended to work- Sterling has now changed it so you have to specifically request the check be shared with Stewart or any other REVVA member or other company that you want it to be shared with. As opposed to the background check an individual company pays for (can't be shared since that company paid for it) - YOU paid for this background check so you can designate whomever you want it to be shared with - but you have to make the call. Additionally you can order a physical copy to be sent to you USPS mail and scan and share your own copy with whomever you wish.

      2) they accept a current background check from Convergence - sorry never heard of this one

      3) and yes i had them restate this and double check on it - - depends on how badly they need the report completed they may "waive" any registration requirements in order to get that report done - they may or may not at a later date begin to request current driver's license, EO that matches W9, current dated (work history education etc) what they call a "personal" resume, 3 sample BPOs that you have completed in the last 3 months and the  background check in question.

  • Reading all these low fees for BPOs makes me sad. When I first got into this business, BPO fees were $75-$100, $125 if a rush. How far they have fallen. It's disturbing to see how little value is placed on our time and expertise.

  • I also received a solicitation from them.  As a little background, I have been listing REO for PMH, now Stewart, for about five years although the volume has dropped off significantly since the buyout of PMH.  I have had a good working relationship with this company during this time.  Their asset managers have been some of my favorites to work with.

    I completed the application, then received a request for the background check.  I had just paid for a background check for another client the month before through the same company so I sent them a copy of the report and asked if they would use it.  They responded by re-sending their initial email telling me that I needed to order a background check.  They didn't address my request to use the report that I sent them.

    I sent them the report again and told them that I didn't see the need to order an additional report since I can provide them a current report from the same company that they use.  In response to this, I received a terse response advising me that I didn't meet their minimum standards in spite of the fact that I have worked with the company for over five years.

    That's fine with me as their attitude doesn't meet my minimum requirements either.  Stewart is just another example of the craziness of our business and the stupid, unnecessary requirements imposed on us during the last couple years.

  • Formerly Transunion. They have had several changed since Transunion. Never ask me for anything but I was doing BPOs before the change. I still do BPOs for them. Pay is good

  • I signed up with these people over 6 months ago, and two days ago, I got my first order.  It was a property inspection about 20 miles away.  I managed to negotiate the fee increase to $25; not a lot but not bad considering I was already in that area and it is just a 1 page form.  Went out to the property and the best shot available from the road is obscured by trees, (but still good enough for any bpo or property inspection I have ever done).  Now every company I have ever worked for tells me, never go and trespass on the property for better photos, which is common sense and the law.  So I take the best photos available and complete the report.  These clowns then call me back the next day and tell me that the photos were not good enough, and that I need to go back to the property, go on the property, and take better photos.  Here's the kicker, first of all, the woman on the phone was very rude and condescending, as though it was my fault that there was not a good view from the road.  Secondly, she refused to give me a trip fee to go back because she said that I should have called my reviewer while sitting outside the person's house, and got clearance to go onto the property.  So I promptly told her she could reassign it.  Good luck to them trying to find someone to go out there for $25.  These people seem to be amateurs and their staff would benefit from retraining.  The funniest thing of all is that I would have probably gone back out there like a fool, since it was my first order with them, but the disgusting attitude of the woman that called me just repelled me.  I won't be working with these people again. 

  • yes,   I stopped doing BPOs for them  . After filling out all the ridiculous paperwork, all they sent me were not BPO requests, but drive by inspections and they only pay $17 per order.   I do these for two other companies who pay me $30 for the same inspection form.  $17  doesn't even pay for the gas and the wear and tear on my car !!  These are not valuations at all.    And when I accept an order from Stewart, my phone rings off the hook all day long asking for updates.  They drove me NUTS !!!!!  (although, I admit, I was already headed in that direction ! )

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