• Personally, I dont think any one pays for these kind of services, as they are trying to make money this way. But if you can take advantage of their free service, than do that

  • Just for clarification, the website allows you to register for free and they state that you do not have to complete the training course to qualify for assignnments.  If you already have bankruptcy real estate experience, you can upload that to your documents and highlight your experience in your bio.  It is similar to Equator or Res.Net certification.  Not required, but an "add-on" that you can pay for that really doesn't give you much edge.  The key with these is to get in touch with the trustees, similar to having relationships with asset managers and banks with REO's.

  • I'm not doing business with them... but typically, any specific lender that requires you to pay upfront fees isn't worth doing business with. I'll pay for portals but I'll never pay for "agent training". That's my $0.02.

    • If specific lenders WERE actually offering specific company training. even for a fee, I'd think that would be an indicator that they were not using portals.   I dont think this network is a lender - just another referral service. . 

      • True. I probably should have clarified a bit... but I figured most of us know how to tell the difference between an asset manager and a salesman. ;-)

  • Anyone doing business with them?

  • They want $299 (50% discount from $599) to complete their required training courses for certification before they will send you any listings....

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