Hello all! Does anyone have a current list of REO companies actually giving assignments at this point? It seems my list of 50 from 5 years ago has been dwindled down to 3 or 4 which I guess comes as no surprise with all of the companies going under but I have been told there are some newer companies now giving assignments and getting the accounts. Any help would be great! Thanks all!

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  • www.reoeducation.com provides some pretty good tips on how to find out who is giving listings still.  It was mentioned in one of the videos on the site that if you pull up the REO listings in your area, in many cases there will be disclosures attached to those listings.  Those disclosures will sometimes have the name of the company on them.  You can then go apply to that company.  I personally receive tons of business from 24 Asset.  I am in Illinois and 24 Asset is in California.  Chase and Bank of America are my primary customers.  It may also assist you if you find out who the AVMs are for those two banks.  You may want to check the REO listings in your area first to see who is giving out all of the business and then try to get in there.  Definitely checkout reoeducation.com though.  They are offering a 7 day free trial and don't request any credit card information.  The list of REO companies provided along with the tips were pretty good.  It worked for me.  Hope this helps.

  • Pennymac (thru Skyhill).  Use Res.net platform. 

    Citi (thru GreenRiver, Olympus, Carrington) Use Res.net platform.

    Have not seen anything thru equator in years. 

  • Has anyone worked with One SourceReo? I received a email stating they are accepting registration for a $25.00 fee. Thanks!

  • If you get a list I need it as well. i thought I signed up to do BPO's. Ultimately to list REO's was my goal? Have things changed? I wanted information about a property foreclosed on by B of A 2-3 weeks ago. I still have not heard back from B of A. Who do you contact?

    • Good luck getting anything from BofA, they will likely be using a third party. I suggest leaving a note on the door for the broker who gets the assignment.

  • Shellpoint, Olympus, Fay

  • I am still seeing Dakota, NRES, LRC quite a bit.


  • Does anybody still get any properties from the Equator platform and/or RES.NET.

    I don't know if its worth me paying for said platforms if asset companies are not using them.

    Kindly let me know if anybody thinks that their still worth paying for.

    • 80% of my business is from Res.net. I haven't had an equator assignment in years.

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