• I have been with PCV Murcor for 18 months. One of the better BPO companies out there. They always pay on time and now offer direct deposit for your checks. The forms are easy to work with. You can add your own comments or use their comments to describe your Subject and Comps. You will always know where you stand with them as your score is on your homepage. 

  • Been doing BPOs for them for a couple of years.  Reasonable pay, good payment record and turnaround time.  Only complaint is that they have moderately goofy "canned" comments to choose from.
  • easy forms, good with pay. Only BPOs:(((
  • Great company to work with.
  • I get plenty of work with them.  Easy form.  Something to supplement my time when I'm slow.  I love that they do direct deposit.  Pay in 30 days.
  • i just got accept with PCV Tue. So i will see what happens also
    • I just have to reply to you because of our last names! I have worked for over a year with PCV Murcor. They do pay on time and they can call you by phone to hand out a BPO assignment. I will say that someone in my area of LA county, CA, has an auto-acceptor software, which my I don't have (none is made for Macs that I know of) so, I can pinpoint the month and year that my assignments suddenly became harder to get. They have a sister company to distribute the REOs so I recommend working for them. I became VRM Certified last year and I learned a lot in their 2 day course.
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