Deborah London replied to Margarita Villoch's discussion Banker REO
"Run away as fast as you can. This is a scam. After you pay to sign up, they hand out BPO orders of properties that may be already in escrow, or near to foreclosure. They appear to give legitimate reasons for needing a "2nd" valuation, but don't…"
May 3, 2013
Deborah London replied to Steve Cardinalli's discussion FootprintRE
"Yes, Bankers is...was definitely a scam. I did a BPO for them and never got paid."
May 3, 2013
Deborah London posted a discussion
Has anyone heard of this company or done any work for them? It's hard to know who is legitimate & who is not. Thanks in advance for your comments.
Nov 26, 2012
Deborah London posted a blog post
I just completed a long sale, usually called a short sale (LOL) , as a listing agent that truly amazed me. I grew from hating the 1st TD holder to being grateful to them because they finally got things right. This 10 month ordeal began with 9 …
Oct 21, 2011
Deborah London replied to Robert Stiles, SFR's discussion IAS Payment Issues
"When I closed an REO with them this year, they never reimbursed me $72 for the city report I paid for, even though I subitted the invoice twice-once when the charge occurred and 2 mos later at closing. They did pay me about 4 months after closing…"
Oct 21, 2011
Deborah London replied to Dianne Clayton's discussion Who uses a MAC with Equator / ResNet...
"I have been using Macs for 2 years now and I love them much more than PCs. I foirst bought my desk top for home, then immediately got the laptop I take every day to my office.  I do find some web sites that are not happy with Mac. One is RES.NET. I…"
Oct 21, 2011
Deborah London replied to Kasey R. Chance's discussion I NOTIFIED EMORTGAGE THAT I CHANGED BROKERAGES AND THEY CANCELLED ME...
"Yes, that's their policy. I am shut out because another agent in my office was approved first by them. Fannie & Freddie have the same policy so I am out of luck with those accounts as well. I was approved by Clear Capital for BPO work 3 yrs ago, but…"
Jul 20, 2011
Deborah London replied to Tamara Henry's discussion AMP
"I upgraded to AMP just a handful of weeks ago and no increase in business yet. I think it's too soon to tell. I do expect an increase!"
Jul 20, 2011
Deborah London commented on Deborah London's blog post Are you a LAMCO agent?
"Trina, I have received 2 BPO orders this year from LAMCO-no listings yet. I like that they send exclusively to 1 agent-not global blasting to many agents at the same time. To be promoted to LAMCO you do need membership (at least basic)  in…"
May 31, 2011
Deborah London commented on Matt Z's blog post What is going on with Altisource, Ocwen listings
"Thank you all for these comments. I was recently accepted with Altisource and now I know not to accept any assignments. Yolanda, did you paid back for the trash-out, or did they pay for it?"
May 30, 2011
Deborah London posted a blog post
I'm a member of the LAMCONetwork and just signed up in their group on LinkedIn. I read some past discussions & noticed that the account executives & AMs will start a discussion if they need a REALTOR in a certain state & town! They also sometimes…
May 28, 2011
Deborah London posted a discussion
What is a data order? Do any other companies besides Ocwen request these often? I have done a lot of BPOs and not heard of this product. Thanks for your replies.
May 19, 2011
Deborah London replied to Denise Stovall's discussion Harris Real Estate University and Titanium Solutions and Excellen REO
"I have just canceled my Harris U membership. I wasn't getting enough out of it to justify the expense. I also had technical problems on a call or two, like you, Denise. They are still sending me daily emails so maybe they forgot to take me off the…"
May 16, 2011
Deborah London replied to Rowland Fellows's discussion New listing agent for BofA
"Some of you have been asking where to sign up for B of A. I found the link:
I hope this helps. There should be plenty of business to go around."
May 11, 2011
Deborah London replied to Rowland Fellows's discussion New listing agent for BofA
"I have an application that you could fill out to sign up with B of A. I signed up weeks ago through a link someone gave me. Then the next day the General Mgr of my company send me an application. If you write me at, I can forward…"
May 10, 2011
Deborah London replied to Chanin Zaragoza's discussion Meridian Asset Services
"Good to know how they operate. I am glad you had a positive experience and I wish you many more REOs! Let's keep in touch. We can learn a lot from our networking."
May 5, 2011